Dec 29, 2017


Today's post is brought to you from the cozy confines of the big girl sleigh bed at CS2.  Buzzy and I had surgery this morning and are now home recovering for a bit before heading to dialysis later this afternoon.  Turns out he had a bit of a blockage that was causing a fuss, as well as a few errant branches, so some angioplasty, a stent, and a couple of coils laters and we're all set.

(Who knew the little guy was so into accessories?!)

Rich is clattering away at the dining room table on his laptop contraption and I have decided to just be a patient today.  No need to solve world peace or recreate the wheel. Just snoozing, happy thoughts, and spaghetti for a late lunch before heading out into the tundra again.

I'm not crazy about the third shift time slot, but as time goes on and space opens up I should be anle to go on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the morning so that I can enjoy my afternoons and evenings with my Jersey Boy.  It's all about routine, kids.  It's all about routine.

My stitching routine has gotten so out of kilter it's not even funny, but I am trying to breathe and reboot and remember that this is just a temporary diversion...not the end of a career.  I have a head like a rock, so the realization that I cannot stitch during my Jiffy Lubes is troublesome, but I need to just chill out and let it come.  Maybe eventually I will get to the point where a lap stand will work.  Now, though, I need to enjoy playing on the ipad thingie and just keep the damn arm still.

So that's it for a blistery Friday, my Dearies.  All is well...all is well.

Please continue to tell me all about your little corners of the world.  I hope that your needles are flying, your hearts are full, and that the weekend is exactly everything you want it to be!


  1. More yikes -- angioplasty, a stent and coils? Is Buzzy an infernal combustion contraption?

    Here, the snowflakes are drifting down -- they would be prettier if they were not landing on a pile of prior flakes. But I have stitching to do and lots of food, so take that you silly snowflakes.

    Susan Anonymouse

    P.S. are you having a "blistery" or "blustery" Friday! LOL

  2. Sounds like your "jiffy lube" times could be "floss tube" times. I have really enjoyed finding and watching floss tube. So many great ideas, helpful hints, and now I have stash envy.

  3. Also, could you stop at Barnes and Noble on the way there and get a new book and/or magazines!!! Great excuse to do that!

  4. Where is floss tube - how do you find it? I feel like such an idiot having to ask BUT I can't stand it any more I need to have a place to watch on my tablet since there is soooooo much football coming up this weekend with the exception of my favorite THE ROSE PARADE! Glad they got your pipes cleaned out again and JB got back safe.

    1. Dale, flosstube is a section of youtube...just go to youtube and type in "flosstube" in the search bar. Up will pop a selection of videos that stitchers have created.

      I only discovered flosstube in Jan 2017 when I read about it on this very blog...I'm forever in debt to Coni for not only telling us about flosstube, but for helping me take my stitching to levels unimagined and showing me the prettiest patterns out there. :)

  5. Glad you are on the mend and your heart got a tuneup! Amazing what they can do today! God Bless!

  6. Great time to read books. Even Ipads can get a kindle app and Kindle has lots of free books. Look for the 100 most popular free books on Aamazon's kindle page. I've read some great stuff and never paid for it. Also you can borrow kindle books from most libraries for free.

    Hope the rest of the year goes well and 2018 is a great year!

  7. Stitchery off-kilter seems to be the name of the game...I
    am working on a Nativity scene with some confetti and hope
    I can get my pupils uncrossed...LOL.. just not "with it"
    A bug has been making its rounds in our community and
    coupled with the frigid weather, we are commiserating with
    one another...just when you think you have the bug licked,
    surprise !! Hope all goes well with you today and with the
    correction on Buzzy, that you will progress as you hoped
    on a schedule you desire...You are a marvel....

  8. Coni, I use to be a dialysis tech way back in the 1970's. Some of our patients used to do punch rugs. this was an easier craft to do as you only need the one hand to punch. Our patients would use their knees as an easel to steady the framed canvas. That might be an option for you.

  9. Hey Coni. I'm so sorry to hear about the complications with buzzy, and how stitching is not an option during dialysis for you right now. As buzzy heals you might find you will be able to bend your arm here and there without issues...but prolonged bending might not be an option depending on fistula placement.

    I just read that some dialysis centers are starting to do overnight dialysis. This means they can pull off fluids very slowly and gently, causing less side effects. You'd also have your entire day ahead of you without being tied to a machine. I'm not sure how many dialysis centers are doing this at the moment but it seems to be a trend that's increasing. If interested, you might want to let them know this would be an option for you, and if enough people request it they might start an overnight option. It's just a thought.

    Happy resting and healing m'dear. Many warm hugs to you.

  10. Sending hugs and hoping you’ll get into a dialysis groove soon. Floss tube, podcasts ( try No Such Thing as a Fish) and your NYT puzzles I guess for now.

    Happy New Year to You and Rich. Let’s hope 2018 is new kidney year.
    Godalming, UK

  11. So happy you're feeling more upbeat! When my arthritic hands are painful, meaning that actually plying a needle isn't going to happen, I get my stitch fixes by planning upcoming projects... which can be done all with imaginative thinking. Just close your eyes, relax, and let inspiration come.

  12. Coni, I am glad to hear that Buzzy is buzzing following the surgery to unclog him. Rest and relax! Spaghetti sounds good. Thinking of you!

  13. Coni, you are a better woman tham I. I would have been asked to leave and not return. You are a champ! You are one brave stitcher! My thoughts are with you and JB. 😊

  14. I read my Kindle during chemo as I couldn't stitch with the IV in a port in my chest. I don't remember anything I read but it passed the time and entertained me. Best to you. You'll get through this.

  15. Well at least we know why Buzzy was misbehaving! I agree with whomever suggested it above, this is a great time to catch up on flosstube. It is cold here in west Texas, and we have a bit of icy fog going on. I am cozy with an afghan and a sampler for company. I hope you are back to being able to have dialysis soon...maybe it will go smoother from now on! I am thinking of you, xo Mj

  16. Try watching FlossTube on your iPad white you lube. 😊. Happy New Year to you and your Jersey Boy!

  17. Hi Connie: I found your blog because of your lovely stitching and your raucous sense of humor, but I've continued to follow you in part because I've recently been diagnosed with kidney disease. Thank you so much for your honesty in sharing what going on chez vous, the daily bits and pieces of your life. I consider you my scout, and I wanted you to know just how hard I'm pulling for you. I must have missed something, because I can't figure out what Buzzy is, but I'm glad it's been whipped into shape.

  18. Coni, Bravo. LOVE your change of scenery. Beautiful. Sending Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  19. Since you always ask about what we're doing in our little corners of the world, let me tell you a tale of skullduggery down here in Bloomington. I've been hankering for a K's Creations stand so I can stitch at my recliner. I should mention that I already have a System 4 and a lap stand, and I haven't been doing all that much stitching lately. DH is totally aware of all of this, and is subliminally aware of the prices of this here stitchy thing. I've kept my gimmes to myself, but when one of the shops put K's stands on sales just before Christmas, I caved Very quietly. But I caved. The newcomer arrived yesterday. I snuck it in and replaced the 4 with the new K's. . So far, he hasn't noticed. Don't know that he will. And I'm not talking. But if he asks, I'm taking the 5th and pointing to a certain community of enablers. So, tell *that* to Buzzy. He ain't dealing with amateurs here! Feel better. Robin in B'ton.

  20. Sorry Buzzy is being more active than predicted and needed a Rotorooter, lol. Here in SoCal, the Thomas Fire is almost 100% contained after 25 days, the Christmas tree is pretty but very dry, and needle and thread are about to be inserted into the new sewing machine my hubby bought as a surprise Xmas gift. Floss hopefully will also be added to a Lizzy Kate project too. Feel better!

  21. You are my hero! Such a strong beautiful lady ! Prayers continue...all will be well! Luv,

  22. I am in awe that you had surgery that morning and were then in bed blogging by the afternoon.