Nov 16, 2017


Awwww, phooey.

My stitching last night, as it turns out, was purely medicinal.  Some abberations in the chart resulted in a rather lopsided flower, and after consultation with Miss Myrtis and Miss Charlene, I think I can start again with some changes.  But I'm happy to do so, since JB is busy with work and I am home from doctor and grocery shopping with a little spark in my step.

Tonight's dinner menu is quickly becoming a regular thing here at CS2...salmon, broccoli rabe, and rice.  I'm not particularly fond of salmon, but know that having it once a week or so is good for me, so I will Ina the dickens out of it and get on with things.

Notre Dame cancelled an event that I was looking forward to tomorrow night, so now I am scrambling to find something for us to do instead.  Would it be so wrong to order a pizza and just watch a movie?

(The event was a 3-d projection of a short film about the history of Notre Dame.  They are going to use the Main Building and the Basilica as backdrops, and I think it's going to be really really cool to see in person.  I think they show a glimpse of it as a commercial during game day, and I commented that I thought it would be amazing if that was real, but the weather, alas, calls for postponement.)

That's it tor today, Dearies!  Hope your corner of the world is wonderful and that you're warm and safe and dry.  Come tell me all about it!


  1. Absolutely have pizza watch movie - most awesome!!!!!!! Hugs!!!!!

  2. I vote pizza and movie. Sorry you had to pull out your flower petals.

  3. Dumb question, but what is JB? I can only come up with Juicy Boyfriend!

    1. Well......Jersey Boy / Juicy Boyfriend.....

      Aren't they somewhat interchangeable? The terms, not the person....LOL

  4. Coni:I se nothing wrong with ordering a pizza, just think no cooking very little clean-up, have you picked a movie.


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  6. Well phooey is right! On the stitching and the event cancellation. But I am sure both will eventually end up great :)

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