Nov 20, 2017


I go months and months, it seems, without taking a single stitch, and then I wake up on a Sunday and decide to spend the entire day doing just that.

Oh, what joy.  What bliss!

First up is our class project...Challenge is Key.  This is a pilot piece (not yet available) by Wendy Moore. It starts with the design line-drawn on 18ct mono canvas, and then all of the sections are filled in with counted canvas work.

This is the area that I played with yesterday:

And this is the area that I completed in class:

I think I have it in my head that I will play with this on Sundays.   We will be given further teaching notes every other week with a hoped-for completion date of March, so I'm really going to try to stay on track.

I do want to add a few new things to my Christmas WIP basket, though, and hope to continue with the  Pointsettia Ornament from DebBee's:

And this cute little guy from Handblessings:

Both of those are on canvas, so I pulled this piece to add a little cross stitch to the mix:
isn't it swell?  It calls for DMC, so that shouldn't be too hard to gather, and I think I have the perfect piece of fabric in my stash (that was gifted to me).  I'm hoping to get into the cube room studio a little later today to fish.

I've been hankering for Ms. Laura J. Perin Her Very Self and remembered that this was still in progress, so into the basket it went.

The only thing I'm missing is more cross stitch and more WIP's, so I think I will pull three or four pieces that are almost finished and see if I can give them a go.  No pressure....but if I manage to complete a few it will be a good start to the holidays!

Rich has gone to work and I am in the Happy Chair with jams and my first cup of damn good.  I am having some major leg cramping issues, so really don't feel much like doing anything.  Maybe I'll just use today to catch up on some TeeVee viewing and continue stitching!

Hope your Monday is swell and leg cramp free.  Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. Wow, wow and wow. Your work is beautiful. I can't wait to watch your progress on all of them.

  2. What lovely projects you shared! I think pulling 3-4 pieces that are close to being finished is a great idea. Thinking of you and hope the leg cramps resolve themselves.

  3. Have a spinach salad for those leg cramps and stitch stitch stich!
    Ruth in Oxnard CA>

  4. I love everything you have put in your holiday stitch basket! I would have a hard time choosing which piece to work on first. Sorry about the leg cramps...they are no joke. My Mom swears by a teaspoon of yellow mustard. I know...yuck! This probably works for her because the cramp moves from her leg to her tongue. ;o)

  5. I looked up this design from your last post and, truthfully, I was not impressed. BUT, your stitching has me very intrigued! It looks lovely! Don't rely on first impressions! Cannot wait to see your progress!

  6. I love your new piece! Your WIP's are a good variety of fun. I think the cardinal is very appropriate for not only the Christmas season, but also this time of year in your life. Relax, drink water, rotate your ankles every now and then, and enjoy stitching.

  7. I’m totally craving the Laura J Perrin piece!

  8. I'm getting caught up on your posts, and may I say WOW! to this new piece Challenge. I thought the silver area was metal pieces! Love that thread. This will be fun to watch as you work thru it. 100 pages? Whew! Enjoy

  9. So many pretty things! Hope those leg cramps have gotten better!