Oct 3, 2017


Riddle me this, Batman:

My kidney numbers are terrible.  According to my doc moments ago, they are worse than they've ever been.  Creatine, BUN, phosphorus, hemoglobin, GFR...all terrible.

So why do I feel so darn good?

Aside from fatigue (which is something I've had since forever ago), I am somehow managing to get up each day and do very happy, healthy, enjoyable things.  I am laughing and walking and cooking and stitching and futzing and watching the TeeVee and eating chicken wings and drinking enough water and iced tea to float a barge, and when the weather permits (like today), I am doing the whole Happy Manatee thing without a care in the world.

OK.  I confess that I have my moments, and when they strike I head to the big girl sleigh bed for a snooze, but why am I not flat out on the mat right now waiting for the nice people to come take me away to the dialysis center?

I always knew that I was dumb as an box of doorknobs and strong as a bull, but this is a little nuts even for me.

So I have decided to take the sage advice of Dr. Wayne Dyer and henceforth will STOP looking at numbers on a computer screen to tell me how I feel.  The truth of the matter is that today I feel wonderful, and there are things to do and thoughts to think and ponderings to ponder.

Rich and I will head over to campus this afternoon for a walk.  I will park myself on a bench (or inside the bookstore cafe) and he will do the walking part for now.  I can't quite keep up with him these days, but an hour at a bookstore will be a real treat.  I think I might wander into the textbook section to see what the kids in my major are reading. Who knows?  Maybe it's time tor me to re-visit a few old friends and give those Great Books another go!

That's the report for the day, Dearies.  No stitching to show...we were too wrapped up in TeeVee viewing last night and I was too comfy on the sectional to leave it for the Happy Chair.  Maybe today, though.  Red Velvet Cake just doesn't seem to be stitching itself no matter how hard I wish it to be so!


  1. So why do I feel so darn good?
    Rich and I...

    No medicine quite like happiness. ;)

  2. I think Kristen ^ may just have something there! Glad you are feeling great!

  3. I agree with Kristen and Penny and my own past experience. I have two chronic diseases and some pain but when I am with someone I like and who's (whose ?) company I enjoy the pain goes way into the background and life is good. Great day!!!!

  4. Hugs & so happy that you are happy!

  5. Is the glass of wine on the patio by the river a threesome?

  6. I am so glad you are feeling well Coni!! I hope Rich babies you appropriately...(nope, can`t spell before coffee, tried three times) and you have a wonderful day! xo

  7. I was diagnosed with hymolytic anemia when I was pregnant and they immediately wanted to do biopsies and chemo and all sorts of things but I felt fine. Because I was pregnant they were forced to give me some time so they could figure things out. Finally, at my fourth visit the doctor said, you really feel fine don't you? I told him yes. Nine years later and my numbers have never matched my reality, so please don't discount that.

  8. Enjoy life, Coni. Nobody in that Las Vegas crowd knew when their last day would be, none of us do. So be happy!

  9. Perfect example of psychological health holding the trump
    card on how you feel no matter what the numbers say. You
    are experiencing a much deserved happiness .... hold on to
    it and let the docs worry about the test results.. Don't
    let up on caring for yourself, but let the joy flow and
    nourish you. Blessings, dear one... and thanks to Rich.

  10. I am so glad you are feeling so well! You are made of some tough stuff! :)

  11. Wayne Dyer was a brilliant man whose teachings I enjoy learning from almost every day. Your thoughts and mind have SO much to do with how healthy you FEEL. Keep enjoying life and feeling grateful for every little thing you can. The blessings of health, and so much more, will flow to you.
    Being in love helps too. 🙂