Aug 3, 2017


Little more progress on Sunflower Bellpull yesterday and today so far:


  1. You do pretty well for squinty one eye. Better than me with both eyes. Still praying. Sending love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥

  2. I was thinking the same a blueladie. Ha! Better than me with both eyes too :) Looks lovely!

  3. You are quickly working your way through this one! You do such lovely work.

  4. You do such lovely work, Coni!
    I am amazed that you can put your q-snap over your stitching. I know it works, I've done it too...but it really gives me the creeps. I use a piece of fluffy flannel over the layer only...hold my breath...and snap on the plastic. My stitches aren't crushed, but then I've got a long tail sticking out the bottom of the q-snap because I don't fold the stitching.
    It looks like you fold the stitching up? How many layers of fabric do you manage to fit in there? How do you do this?
    Your work is beautiful, and I've never noticed anything puckery or crushed or foldy-looking.
    You're smarter than I am!

  5. Nice to see someone working on Sunflower Bellpull Coni...I stitched in many years ago as a round robin with some friends and it's still hanging up at my house. Your nails look great!