Aug 30, 2017


I think I need to re-name this the "squirrel" project.

Every time I sit down to play with it, I seem to get distracted by something shiny.

Today will be a quiet day.  Labwork and a few errands and then a nap.  I feel a bit punk today, but know that it is probably just a hemoglobin issue again since I am due for a big fat dose of Aranesp on Friday.  Hopefully it will kick in just in time for me to enjoy the holiday weekend.

My heart and prayers are with the folks in the flooded areas of the US, and if anybody out there knows of someone in need of shelter for a bit (and they can get to Indiana) house is yours. I would invite y'all to come to CS2, but it might get a little crowded in the big girl sleigh bed.

That's about it for today, Dearies.  I hope that your Wednesday is swell and that you'll do something fun.  Don't forget to come tell me all about it.


  1. I do hope that you get through the day and feel bête once you are home again and rested from your errands.

    I wish I could tell you I was doing something exciting today, but alas, work is the height of it.

    I do plan to go with the grans to Hershey PA this weekend. Remnants of the storms be damned! We are going!

  2. Hope your labs and errands went smoothly and that Friday will be put you back on course for the weekend. What a dear soul you are to think in terms of those in need of shelter from the storm. America is really opening its heart to Texas/LA...but because it will be a long haul in
    recovery, hope we find ways to continue support for an extended period of time. Enjoy the nap, dear one.

  3. Coni, I hope your errands and labwork have gone smoothly. Poppers is looking good.

  4. You may feel a bit punk today,but what an awesome job you've done Poppers. Prayers for tomorrow.

  5. I love this project! You pick out some of the best things to stitch.
    Hope you feel better and have a great holiday weekend.

  6. The colors in this project are so happy! And you are just the sweetest offering your home to those in need. <3

  7. Poppers is just so pretty! I agree with others: you're super thoughtful to offer shelter to storm victims.

  8. I use Cerave Cream as recommended by my dermatologist, its unscented good for sensitive dry skin. I buy from Target or Walmart.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Catherine