Aug 9, 2017


I had grand illusions of conquering the world today, but alas, the universe has other plans for me.  There must be an alignment of the planets or a full moon or something, because when the reality of having to hit the brakes set in, my brain was OK with it and decided to just call this a "recovery day" and get on with it.

So I am in the Happy Chair with the paper and puzzles and my second cup of damn good, and later I might contemplate a visit to the pool (or what I now like to refer to as the "Aquatic Therapy Center for Spinster Mind and Body Healing").

Visions of stitching are dancing around in my head thanks to all of the inspiration of my fellow Donaldson attendees.  So many beautiful things to contemplate!  That Autumn Basket of Stitchy Fun is starting to materialize!  And a few "problem children" WIPs might now get completed thanks to the advice and example of the gurus who offered advice and support.

A very good way to spend the Futzingday, indeed!

Sunshine and rainbows and dancing unicorns and glitter continue to keep the black dog at bay...amazing how he can slink back into a corner when the better angels of my silly little brain give him a tap on the nose and tell him to sit.

Physically, I confess that I am really struggling with these "heavy" legs and fatigue and not being able to walk from here to there without huffing and puffing, but no dialysis just yet.  My kidney team is watching me very closely, however, and promises to make the call at the exact moment it is necessary.  I, in turn, have promised to continue to try to be a good patient and do what they tell me.  I will see the transplant surgeon again on August 31, and it is my hope and prayer that we'll be one more step closer to getting it scheduled for the Fall.  So...thank you for all of those happy thoughts and prayers, Dearies.  They seem to be working very very nicely!

Onward we go!  Armed with nothing but our wits and companions and stashes.  Who knows?  We might just conquer the world after all!


  1. Your minion has me ROTFLMAO, enjoy your futzingday and dancing unicorns - really? How lovely. Wonder if I can find them on the Amazon. Counting down the moments until my mani/pedi lady arrives to pamper me for the afternoon. You keep doing what that team of docs, etc., is telling you and as always, prayers continue.....

  2. Coni
    I LMAO reading your minion blurb. Gosh but I needed that wish I had it to hang in my bathroom
    I'm so glad you had such a great time on your retreat. Everybody needs a break now & then to rest, relax & recharge.
    I've got two dining chairs I simply MUST finish sanding prime & paint they've been sitting in my barn for a year.
    Perhaps today is the day I can toddle down the back ramp & have a look see what I can do.
    Hope you have a good day paddling around in your pool stick your piggies in for me too please 😎. LOL wish I had a pool to sink into today. ahhh... would feel so good.

  3. Futzing day is my favourite! Glad you are hanging in there. I'm going to walk my silly Saluki, do my logic problem of the day, stitch on my HAED and play with my stash. Bliss.

  4. Continued thoughts and prayers for you that all will work out in the right timing. Hugs to you.

  5. Prayers continue! Sounds as if a most excellent resting/putzing/futzing day is called for! Take care my dear girl.

  6. You deserve the recovery day! Sit, black dog, SIT! Here's to the Happy Chair and plenty of aqua therapy!!! :D Love, hugs, and prayers, Cathryn ♥

  7. The Minion made me snort my water. Enjoy your day of recovery from retreating over the weekend. Good to know that you are trying to follow the team's requirements. Thinking of you, Coni!

  8. Replies
    1. Hi, Laura! My sister wants to be a living donor and even wants to do a paired donation if she is not a match for me. A paired donation means she will donate into the "pool" and someone who matches will get her kidney and I will get another one from the pool that matches me.

    2. Coni, that is wonderful news! I am so happy for you both! Makes me weepy.

    3. glad to know that your sister is onboard for this. So happy. Saying prayers to keep it simple with an excellent match from her.

  9. My dear, me thinks you are conquering or have already conquered your world...who else could have done it with such aplomb and making others LTAO?? I think you have learned the lesson well... even though the spirit is willing, let the flesh decide when you should call a recovery day for the heavy leg/fatigue syndrome. In a few months you will get back at it by dancing. In the meantime enjoy your Esther Williams day, and don't forget to give a wink at that gorgeous guy on the other side of the pool.

  10. All good wishes for you to continue to dodge the dialysis ...great work.
    My Dad had diabetes, was very inactive and drank nothing but tea, coffee, beer and the odd hot chocolate the kidney specialist told him his kidneys would kill him in 6 months if he didn't drink almost 2 litres of water a day. ...scared him into action and he did just that. Next checkup his kidneys were amazing , doctor said he couldn't believe what he was seeing.
    He lived another 7 years to 92.

    The swimming and playing in the water sounds just lovely, perfect way to start and end your day.

  11. You are a conqueror, of that, there is no doubt. I will pray that you get your kidney transplant long before you are at a place where you must undergo dialysis. Continue to trust your caregivers and to listen to your body. You know it best! Hang in there.

  12. I get that!
    I have COPD. I have a five acre farm, with critters outside that need to be taken care of...NO MATTER WHAT is going on with me. We were the recipients of smoke from the fires in British Columbia. The combination of all those things have taken a toll on me and I have no energy to speak of. Plus we had abnormally hot weather last week. I still had to go out and take care of the critters, regardless of heat, smoke, lungs not working correctly. But I keep going, because this is the life I wanted.

  13. Good for you for taking a "brake" and chilling in the happy chair. Hugs

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  15. Hope that you are feeling a bit more energized today :)

  16. Coni, you will get through all of this if you listen to your body. You think you need a nap? Good. Go. You had plans to go shopping, but now you feel too tired? O-kee-dokes: stay home and watch tv while you stitch. You were supposed to iron today, but you're too weary? Remember that tomorrow is another day.
    If you're anything like me...when you are anticipating something special, like your Stitching Retreat, somehow...mind-over-matter kicks in, and IF YOU ARE RESTED, you can manage these things.
    Continued best wishes and prayers for your recovery!
    We all love you.