Jul 1, 2017


What can I say?

I'm in a funkety funk funk.

I am about 98% sure that it is a hormonal/physical/medical issue and that I will feel better in a day or two, but this last week or so has found me right back diwn at the bottom if the well...flat on my back and weeping copius tears.

Today, though, I managed to put my shoes and socks on and I got a few things done.  I went to the Comcast place to drop off equipment and close out the account for the house, I went to the library to re-stock the nightstand with a few novels, I filled the tank on my little car, and I picked up some groceries for the long weekend.  I was going to also go to JoAnns to see about a little sewing machine, but I just plain ran out of the energy to do so.

(I think that there is a big coupon for tomorrow, though, so methinks that might have been a sign from the universe to wait a day.)

Now that I am home and back in the Happy Chair, I am going to stitch and watch the TeeVee and maybe take a nap or two.  Theoretically, I don't have one darn thing that needs to be done for the next several days, so maybe a little stitchy/sleepy/reading marathon is just what I need.

I have been binge watching FlossTube every night before bed.  Thanks to Miss Vonna and Miss Emily and all of the other Tubers I haven't felt quite so...lonely.

I'll snap out of this, I promise.  The move, kidneys, etc etc etc have just taken a toll on my giddy up, so hang in there with me while I find it again.  Before you know it, it will be rainbows and unicorns and glitter again!

To our stitchy family up north...Happy Canada Day!  And if you're stateside and are celebrating the Fourth, be safe and have fun!  Everybody else...hope your needles are flying and that your corner of the world is exactly as you wish it to be!



  1. Hugs to you. At least you were able to get a little pep back and run some errands. Hope tomorrow is better for you.

  2. I've been behind in reading your blog and just got caught up.

    With all that's been gong on with you, I'd be very surprised if you weren't tearing up from time to time.

    I'm offering great big hugs!

    Enjoy some time resting and vegging out!

  3. With all that you've had to deal with, it's amazing that you are still coherent! I am a mess most of the time and it's because I just can't get my ducks in a row....ever... Give yourself permission to just relax and do absolutely nothing. Allow your body and mind to rest --- you've certainly earned it!

  4. Your errands are run, it's definitely time to relax in your Happy Chair, feet up, drink beside you, needle in hand & a good show on the tv. You've earned your time to relax & let your body & soul heal. Enjoy it!

  5. We are all glad to hear something from you that you are not in the hospital. I think Stewey is right where he is suppose to be - watching over you! Everyone if you don't take Needlepoint Now you will miss out on some excellent writings on the Editorial Page - first page that is instead of the last page where Coni usually has an article. We all will be shedding tears and what a warm and gracious and very greatful Spinster our Miss Coni is!
    Take care dear and get plenty of rest - the best is yet to come!

  6. The move is bound to have taken its toll, both physically and emotionally. It would on anybody in better physical condition than your lovely self! Be gentle on yourself and take things slowly. We're all willing you on xx

  7. Good for you, Miss Coni. Hang in there. Sounds like a plan... stitching, reading, naps... rest. Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥

  8. Coni, you've had SOOOOOOO much to deal with lately. This latest health scare has probably felt like that camel's last straw on his back. Take your time, share with us, watch Floss Tube and be kind to yourself.

  9. Take it easy. Binge-watch Flosstube this holiday week.

  10. Is it any wonder? Who else could have climbed such a high
    mountain, including this past week's, and still kept her
    sharp wits about her as you have... I suspect that word
    lonely has figured into it and if we could, you would be
    surrounded by stitch partners this weekend.Let us hope the tears have washed your soul and lightened the weight on your spirit. Allow yourself the indulgence of needling,
    food favorites, viewing, reading, resting and just plain letting go.. while keeping in mind the love and care being
    sent your way this weekend...

  11. Give yourself a break! You've just been through all kinds of heck getting through the move. Now that the main part of the job is done and you're in the new place, of course you're going to hit a trough. Plus you are still on or just coming off antibiotics and not well. You need to be stitching and reading between long naps. Plus, it's July in Indiana; what else can you do when it's so hot and muggy?

  12. Rest, relax, read, stitch, and repeat! Thinking of you!

  13. Prayers m'dear. All will be well. Hold onto that. Luv

  14. Rest is good. Flosstube is my (not-so) guilty pleasure. TV has far too much angst and violence these days for me . . . and don't get me started on the adverts!

  15. Relax and be kind to yourself, you have been in crisis mode for so long that your emotions are bound to be "higgildy piggildy" now and then. I have never in my life experienced rainbows and unicorns, so if you actually find someone who enjoys those in their life, come back and share it with us ;) Hugs from So Cal.

  16. Glad to hear your only plans are stitching, reading and sleeping :)