Jul 22, 2017


Jardin de Bobines
Jardin Prive'/Nathalie Cichon
28ct Fresco by Picture Thus Plus
DMC floss as charted, with a few substitutions

This was an absolute joy to stitch from start to finish.  The chart itself is really quite perfect in its size, clarity, and printing, and the design is a lot of fun with the whimsy and bright colors.  This is a new designer to Yours Truly, but I look forward to doing more of her pieces!

Lovely, quiet, peaceful day.  I did manage to clean up my entranceway a bit and stow extra boxes, etc in the closet.  Now it is ready for the hanging of lots and lots of stitchy things to really make it feel like home!  I also wrote a wish list for each room, as well as a project list that I hope to get back to as soon as I can.

Many of you asked me about my list of things I'd like to do after transplant.  One of the stitchy things I'd like to do is finally host that retreat I've been talking about.  Another dream is to take an across country train trip in a private compartment and stop at the Shepherd's Bush shop on the way to an Aristea retreat at Liguna Nigel.  And finally, the big dream is to go on one of the trips to Great Britain with Miss Elizabeth from Needlepoint Now.

Wonder if I could do all of those things next year?

I haven't made it down to the pool yet.  The truth of the matter is that I am feeling quite shy about being in a bathingsuit, so I am thinking that a morning dip one day this week might avoid the crowds.

Tomorrow promises to be another hot and steamy day, so my plan is to repeat today.  I might even start something new from one of the bins in the cube room, or I might dig into the WIP basket and do a little organizing.  I had an idea to put them in order according to how much is left to finish and then try to knock a few out, but I'm kind of enjoying just playing with whatever strikes my fancy, too.  

OK, off to bed.  The restaurant downstairs is hosting an Italian fretival this weekend, so the music and shenanegans might continue on a little bit longer, but I've got Flosstube to keep me from hollering at them to turn that racket off like a grumpy old lady.

More tomorrow.  Hope your Saturday was swell!


  1. We lived in an apartment with a pool when I was in 8th grade - believe me, that was a long time ago! Anyway, I remember thinking the best time to swim was right before the pool closed for the night. Rarely was anyone else there besides us, the water was warm from the day's sun, and it was oh so peaceful in the dark. Of course, if you're wanting to tan or stitch this isn't the best thought, but if you just want to spend a few minutes getting wet, then it's nearly perfect.

  2. Your apartment looks lovely. You have done a great job getting settled. I moved a week ago today and just found my toothpaste tonight. Had to use a freeby from the dentist.��

  3. What? You have a pool and a restaurant at CS2. Wow, I would have loved to have had both this past week. Yesterday was the hottest day of the summer here in my part of Texas (triple digits, no less). I'm so happy you had a lovely, peaceful Saturday. And I hope you have more of the same today.

    Sandra in Texas

  4. PS
    I think your after transplant dreams sound wonderful.........especially the cross country train trip and the trip to Jolly Olde England. Dreams do come true. I've stitched two Jardin Prive's; My Lady's Quaker and Eiffel Quaker (both only used two colors) and I enjoyed both. You did a nice job.

    Sandra in Texas

  5. If your plan is to skinny dip, then go at night but believe me, no one is going to care how you look in your bathing suit so go in the heat of the day and take a delicious dip. Let that cool water run over you and Buzzy until you both feel refreshed. Have some fun and don't worry about not being asked to do the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition this year.

  6. I love your future plans! I know what you mean about the swimsuit, I feel the same way. I need to get over that as I love to swim. Tell us how you do.

  7. Wonderful! Your 'fee nee' and your plans. I hope everything on your list gets done! Love hugs and prayers, Cathryn ♥

  8. Lovely finish, Coni. Jardin Prive has such cute designs.

  9. Really nice! My friend used to be uncomfortable at public pools until she found suits at Land's End. Most of us feel this way for a variety of reasons (and we should not) so you're not alone. Take that dip and enjoy yourself!

  10. Bathing suits! Oh, goddess! Did you ever see the movie remake "The Women" with Meg Ryan, etc? Anyway, I was watching it with my husband and Candice Bergen says this funny line to another woman, something like, ".. and then he said the two words that strike dread into every woman's soul, 'pool party' ." I burst out laughing and my husband turns to me and says,"I don't get it." I said, yeah, I'm sure you don't.

  11. Coni, congratulations on your finish! I love the whimsy and the colors in this piece. I look forward to seeing what appears next in your Q-snap or frame. Good for you on making plans and lists! Thinking of you!

  12. Great plans to to think about while you are waiting for your surgery and great goals to work towards after you have had surgery. How I would love to go to your stitching retreat!!

  13. Such a lovely finished piece. Whatever it is you are doing today, I hope you are relaxing and taking it easy.
    Bathing suits, those evil things which become even more demonic when wet because there is no getting them back on properly following a visit to the little girls room. Ah, the stuff of nightmares. But at least I have accepted the fact that I am somewhat old, very fluffy and don't give a damn what others think of my body or my taste in swimwear, allowing me to opt for the comfort of a two piece tankini thing, which can be reassembled with only two strings of four letter words put together while preparing to re-enter the world at the completion of a visit to the little girls room. I will enjoy the pools and hot tubs whilst on a cruise, at a resort, et al.
    You made me google the retreat in CA, and it looks like a big old piece of heaven, so much so that I have seriously entertained the thought of rearranging some flights and doing this on the way over to Tokyo....as long as the Ritz has a golf course the husband would be quite happy too. But then, reality bit and I just knew it was impractical. Another item added to the bucket list, however. (Just when I think it is getting shorter - Japan this year - something else realistic comes up.)
    I think you moved to my idea of a little bit of paradise - pool, pasta, all sorts of creature comforts within a block, with ample introversion time.
    Have a blessed day, prayers continue......

  14. Great finish. Oh how I would love to stitch at a retreat with you! Blessings!!


  15. Things are looking so UP !!! Great finish...marvelous plans and enviable dreams... You will treasure the Laguna time. Private compartment? Guess you have some splendid
    countenanced male at the ready.... and England...oh Coni,
    you will love it and it will surely love you. To the pool,
    dear one; the benefits outweigh the concerns (unfounded)
    and the subsequent outings will be a snap...they will be
    too busy admiring those lovely toenails anyway.... dive right in...

  16. Wonderful finish and I love the colors! Jardin Prive is a favorite of mine, I've done several.
    How funny, I have been to Aristeia so many times and never knew about the retreat...in my neck of the woods too...thanks for the heads up!
    Have a great weekend

  17. Love the piece and love your future plans! I went on the England trip this year and hope to go on many more, so hopefully we'll get a chance to meet! You will love it there!

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