Jul 21, 2017


VISITING CS1: As mentioned previously on this here blog, I have been studiously avoiding going back to the house because it was resulting in meltdowns and me bawling my eyes out while pitifully pleading to nobody in particular "I just want to come home".  So today I decided to do something different.  Instead of waiting until I was getting ready to leave Chez Spinster, I walked right in, sat right down, and said "OK, Tubbykins.  If you're going to have a meltdown, do it now and get it over with.  We've got stuff to do and places to be and a nap to take."

Guess what happened then?

Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.

I tried.  I really did, but the tears just wouldn't come.  Instead, I watered the plants, grabbed a few small items, and pulled the door shut behind me.

Wonder if this means I'm turning the proverbial corner?

HAULING CRAP UP THE STAIRS:  I really need to stop complaining about it.  I rented the damn apartment with the stairs right there in front of God and everybody, so it's not like I didn't know this would be an issue.  I took this apartment because the price was right, quite frankly, and my inability to navigate those stairs is not going to last forever.  So today I went on the Amazons like you all told me to and I ordered a stair climbing cart.  Problem solved.  I will use it as long as I need to and when I feel better I'll put it in the closet or donate it.

JOANNS:  I had to stop at the JoAnns for a replacement bulb for my stitchy light, and lo and behold, they had them on sale!  I was so excited...I thought my Bargain Betty dance was going to scare the bejeebus out of everybody in the place.  I didn't really do too much looking about...today's heat and humidity already have me plum tuckered out, so I was good and got out of there for a whopping five bucks!  

OK...now it really is time for that nap.  I'll blather more later!



  1. Go Coni! Your blathering made me smile this afternoon. So, thank you for that! I would love to see the Bargain Betty dance. I hope you enjoyed your nap.

  2. Holy crappers...there's such a thing as a stair climbing cart?? As a disabled person myself, this could be a game changer for me. I'm going to look into that immediately.

    I used to be a dialysis nurse before I got sick. Some patients sit in a recliner, some lie in a bed, it just depends on your individual dialysis unit. Most people watch TV or read books. Keeping your arm bent for too long could be a problem when you're stitching, but the machine will beep and let you know if that's a problem so you can correct it. I never saw any patients stitch while on dialysis, but I'm not sure if that's because they couldn't stitch (due to the bent arm issue) or if it was just because they didn't have stitching as a hobby. There's no reason why stitching wouldn't be "allowed" in dialysis.

    Either way, I do suggest you get some kind of lap frame for your home to reduce strain on Buzzy there. Then if you're able to stitch at at dialysis, you can get a more travel friendly frame.

  3. I think you may have turned the proverbial corner on CS1, Coni. I hope so; we all hate it when you are sad. Most especially, because you're responsible for so much joy in this community!
    Another point: perhaps part of this...is that you went straight there, today? You didn't wait until the end of a long day full of work and errands...you started there, before you got tuckered out. Then you were able to cope the way you wanted to? That seems to work for me: if I avoid something all day...and this happens a lot...it's much harder for me late in the day. Just go and get things done when you are fresh!

    I'm working on another email...sending directly to your aol...talk to you soon!

  4. Love that cart and use it. I use mine every day.
    Ruth In Oxnard

  5. Wow! I had not heard of a stair climbing cart - what an awesome idea. I'm so glad you've gotten one for yourself, what a huge difference that will make for you!

  6. No more tears. That is great. Sales are always a good thing to find. Enjoy your nap. Happy Stitching!

  7. There she goes, Gals, skating around that corner to new
    and better things....another demon defeated. After that,
    conquering the pool with sunscreen will be a snap...cute
    bathing suit !!!

  8. Love your blathering, Comi!

  9. I love your blathering too. I'm a recent convert of about a month and I can't wait to log on each morning here in UK to see what you have been up to. regarding stashes, I gave away most of my crafting stash a few years ago when i moved out of that phase. Now I collect wool like a demon. I'd also given away all my needles and wool some years ago but have returned to knitting now, and learned to crochet #lovewool. Keep truckin Conni. x

  10. Just remember, once you climb those stairs, you can nap peacefully away without hearing anyone walking above you.

  11. So glad your stop in at CS1 went well. And I love reading your blathering :) Keep it up!

  12. Loved your blathering post! My dh just purchased that cart for me in anticipation of my retreat in the fall where it will be an upstairs sewing center. Yippee; I can hardly wait to try it out and glad it is working for you! Melanie

  13. Hi Conni if you don't mind, I'll add my two cents worth, which isn't worth much since we don't have pennies in Canada. Throughout my life, I have faced many traumatic situations. What I have found ( I m not too swift - took me eons) was that when there is chaos going on all around, our minds choose to focus on one or two things. These things usually have very little or nothing to do with the big picture. It is okay to stress about stairs, to grieve CS1, it is okay to feel like doing diddly squat. It is a way for your mind to, ehind the scenes) cope with all that is going on. Please don't feel you have to put on a happy face every day. You are going through a very rough time. Let your mind play these little games with you for in the end your mind, body and spirit will come out stronger for it. My mom had kidney disease. She wasn't eligible for dialysis or a kidney transplant. I truly understand what you are going through. BTW my number is only 42. At this time they are not calling it kidney disease, but I know what it is like to worry about those damn numbers. Keep stitching, drinking your G2, and looking forward to the future. Hugs. Praying for you.