Jul 14, 2017


  1. Lol...that is so ME!! I am trying to sort out bad sleeping habits...it is hard. Lately I have been stitching sheep in french knots and bullions...in my sleep. I work so hard and nothing to show for it...hope you sleep better tonight! xo Mj

  2. I find some nights are like that, Coni. I hope your procedure goes well today. Thinking of you!

  3. Sadly,I can so relate.

    Sandra in Texas

  4. Oh my friend we may be related except my songs are usually theme songs from 70 and 80 tv shows or jingles. A reoccurring one is:
    And Scooby Doo if you come through you're gonna have
    yourself a
    Scooby Snack!
    That's a fact!
    Scooby Dooby Doo, here are you
    You're ready and you're willing
    If we can count on you Scooby Doo
    I know we'll catch that villain

    Now see how easily that gets out of your head.

  5. Okay, Coni, thank you very much. Now I know or sure...that I am not the only one: when a really good night's sleep is imperative... the soundtrack of my life kicks up. Cannot hit the 'off' switch, until I finally finally FINALLY fall asleep. You are so hilarious, and again, spot-on!