Jul 7, 2017


So much for plans.

I didn't get out of bed until 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday, and then I did absolutely nothing but go to the grocery store.  

Today is looking much the same, since it's 2:00 again and I am just now finishing the paper and contemplating a second cup of damn good before tackling the puzzles.

I stitched another row of the flag...this time in white silk in a lovely herringbone pattern.  I'm really enjoying this piece, so might stick with it a bit longer before thinking of something new to play with.

Still not reading...something I need to remedy toot sweet.  I have some new library books for the nightstand, but have yet to put them there.  They made it as far as the hall table.

Flosstube is still keeping me good company.  Miss Vonna...you are just what a body and soul need to feel better about the world.  Thank you for your servant's heart and for your joy.  Now if I could just adopt some of your tips and techniques...life would be grand.

And as for the rest of you...how am I ever going to figure out a way to thank you all for your good juju, kind thoughts, encouraging words, and valued treasure?  I have an idea...still percolating...but please know that I have not firgotten that I still owe so many so much.

I'm off like a herd of turtles.  Once these puzzles are done there's no telling where the day will take me.  Onward!


  1. Hi Coni, sometimes we have to celebrate the little things - because they aren't so little.

    Here's to getting out of bed, and doing the puzzles !!!

    One day at time, one day at at time !!

  2. To quote some wise soul, ..."one day at a time". Rest, heal, move on. The damn good cups of coffee don't hurt, either! ox -p.

  3. Coni, going to the grocery is something along with putting one foot in front of the other. I think you are doing quite swell with all that you have endured over the past few months. Thinking of you!

  4. Hey, I was worried about you. I'm sitting here in my cubical at work and I am "working," but, I looked for your post for today. And, then I looked again. Yes, and again. And, now that it's there I can breathe again. You may think those of us who post are here for you but you are also here for us. I know that when things aren't so great on this side of the computer screen I can look for your post and you will make me smile. So, don't worry . . . this is a two-way street. And, we need to hear from you as much as you need to hear from us.

  5. Sweet Coni, you've had so much thrown at you this last year...I will admit that you had me in tears in your last two posts. It makes me so sad that you're feeling so sad. Even though hard days continue...can you see that you are doing amazingly well? I promise you: you will be your wonderful spunky bouncy Spinster Self someday. You WILL laugh again.
    "Onward!" is a very heroic attitude!
    Continued prayers heading you way!

  6. Keep on perkin' no matter WHAT floats your boat. Something will click... somewhere... somehow and then there will be baby steps... baby steps ... forward. ♥ Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn

  7. Anyone who can devise such a toe nail plan is well on her
    way.. will you just look at those twinkle toes? So patriotic.... Have another damn good one on us and finish
    your flawless puzzle... Just had my nails done and was too
    wimpy to do the toes ala-Coni...it takes time LOL...

  8. Small victories count, especially when we don't feel well.

  9. Coni, the best way you can thank anyone (at least me) is just continue being you and show your beautiful stitching and living and fighting and thriving in life - just as you have been already - at the pace and mood that suits you best at that particular moment in time.

    That is the best gift you could ever give me. Just you being you, honest and genuine....

  10. Love the 4th of July toesies!

    Susan (aka Anonymous)

  11. I always suspected that some royal blood coursed through
    our veins.. we ladies of the needle still upholding the
    traditions of old...including well-endowment and pallor..