Jul 25, 2017


I was fishing through my stash for something to play with last night, when I came upon the Sunflower Bellpull from The Drawn Thread:

I had started this piece quite some time ago...I'm sure if I looked back hard enough I could figure out the exact date, but considering the hash I had made of it, the date is best left forgotten.

That entire bottom area north of the border stitch was...screwey.  I don't know what chart I was looking at, but I had too many leaves, leaves in the wrong places, and leaves stitched in the wrong color.

So this leads me to presume that this was started when I was a newbie and still learning how to count.

Quiet couple of days...met with the kidney doc yesterday and she concurrs with family doc that surgery on the gut needs to be done asap.  They are in disagreement about which surgical team to go with, but if Buzzy's guy is willing...we're going with him.

Nothing much else to report.  I am going to behave myself and lay low today.  

What's new in your neck of the woods?


  1. I hope that the gut surgery will be the end of that problem. You need to be as fit as possible for your new kidney. I'm thinking of you.

  2. Ohhhh I love sunflowers! Such a positive, happy flower the faces always follow the sun.
    A few years ago I planted seeds but they never took may have been the place I planted or old seeds or just that I'm not a great gardener. I have no trouble with cactus & most succulents the plants that pretty much survive on neglect
    But flowers mehh not so much. Thank God for needles & threads I have to get pretty bouquets that way.
    I hope this stitchery brings you as much joy as a real bouquet of sunflowers would.
    Baa (who is trying to stitch a new baby quilt called Peek-a-boo for a new mom to be first baby.)

  3. I've got a few pieces that I bungled phenomenally that have been banished to the black hole filing cabinet. Good for you resurrecting yours.

    Best wishes for the upcoming surgery. When you're feeling better, you can join us in a game of hide and seek (or peek a boo) with the backyard critters.

  4. I sometimes look at stuff I'd made and seriously wonder if alcohol had been involved...it's like, What the heck?

    Rest, Coni. Juggling men might have seemed like something that would be fun to do, but not if they're surgeons-- hugs, prayers and good thoughts. -p.

  5. Going through stash is fun. - like an adventure down memory lane. I have several that I have tried to start again. One poor sampler has returned to the banished pile three times now. Poor thing. I just cannot "get it" for some reason. Someday I tell myself. Keep stitching and resting.

  6. Coni, I'm all for laying low. I'm doing that myself. Some days that's the best thing. Perhaps you should rip out the stitches in error and start again. Seems like a worthwhile piece to save. Drawn thread has some beautiful stitches in their charts. Sending love, hugs, and prayers, Cathryn ♥

  7. I hope it goes quickly and as easily as possible, Coni. And that the gut problem is fixed once and for all, so you can concentrate on your new kidney.

  8. Good for you on laying low for a few days! I am glad you saw the kidney doctor; sorry you will need the gut surgery sooner than planned! I say go with the surgeon you are most comfortable with.

  9. Coni,

    Rest up and get ready for what's next. Al of this will one day be but a memory.

    Now a question for you - Why do you start at the bottom of the design? I am simply curious why some people do and thought I would ask!

    1. Hi, Ginger...it's because I'm a nutball and feel like the stitches will fall off the bottom of the linen if I don't build up from the bottom.

      It's not easy being me...

    2. Thanks for asking and answering - I have wondered that same thing!
      Coni - my day isn't complete until I read your post, thanks for keeping at it. Hugs and prayers are always sent your way. If I lived closer, I would be visiting regularly!

  10. Hopefully, they can get you the proper surgery as quickly as possible. Everyone deserves to feel well. Love the bell pull you pulled out. Happy stitching! --Andrea

  11. What a lovely project to resurrect!! I did that one for a friend a few years ago and am going to stitch it for myself one day soon. It is so pretty when done, love the drawn thread. I hope your surgery goes smoothly and you bounce back quickly. You are never far from my thoughts dear Coni. xxoo Mj

  12. It is fun sometimes to look back at our older stitching and to see how far we have come :) I hope everything goes well with your surgery!

  13. Coni, I would love to follow your progression on this. I know it would be amazingly beautiful.