Jun 9, 2017


Today will go down in Spinster history as the day I channelled my inner 23-year old and accomplished what will surely result in me not being able to get out of bed tomorrow.

But I simply cannot have that happen.

No way.  

No how.

Tomorrow is Library Guild day, which means I get to put my shoes and socks on and see my stitchy sisters for a few hours of bliss, peace, and happiness.

(Besides...I just finished dragging three huge bins of books out to the car that I intend to donate to the library tomorrow.  And, because I am a nutball, I already called the library to confirm that they will take them and that I can borrow one of their big rolling bin thingies to get all of the books inside.)

So today I decided that it would be Target stock up day.  I have been compiling a list of all of the normal stuff I use on a monthly basis, as well as a few things that I needed to pick up for CS2...like a new vacuum cleaner. (The old one, poor thing, gave its last gasp about a week ago and I just can't see spending more to repair it than a new one costs.)  (The new one was a steal at 22 bucks, by the way!)

I double checked my list, gathered all of my coopuns and Target bags, and headed out. My plan was to get everything I needed, bring it home, sort it, pack it, and get on with my closet, bathroom, and bedroom packing.

(Now, because you are all smarter than I am, I know that you are already scratching your head and wondering why the heck I would buy all of that crap, cart it home to Chez Spinster, pack it, and then pay the nice moving men a bazillion and a half dollars to carry it up the stairs to CS2 next Tuesday.)

All I can say in reply to this is..."HAVE YOU MET ME!?!?"

In my defense...it's the stairs, kids.  It's the darn stairs.

The darn flight of stairs that has haunted my every dream since the day I first laid eyes on my new home.

I had it in my head that I was never going to be able to make it up and down those stairs easily...let alone with groceries and/or Target supplies, and I figured I would just have the movers carry every single thing I could think of, and then when it came time to actually get anything else up there in the future, I would figure it out.  (There was a plot to use the drive up grocery lane and ask the kid if he felt like going for a little ride, but that seemed remarkably like something that would land me in jail, so I vetoed that one.  Then I thought about just ordering Jimmy Johns sandwiches for the rest of my life, but I think the docs at IU might have something to say about that one.)

I filled two carts up at the Targets.  Two carts!  And as I was putting everything into the car I thought "Gee whiz!  This is going to be a lot of boxes!"  

You know that moment when the clouds part and that ray of sunshine comes through and illuminates the scene below?  Or when a cartoon character gets an idea and a lightbulb pops up over their pointy little head?


Right there in the Target parking lot.  

Epiphany City.

So I drove the half a tenth of a mile to the apartment and proceeded to carry all of the crap from the Targets right up those stairs and into CS2.

Like.  A.  Boss.

I'm not saying that it was easy or that I broke any land speed records doing it, but twelve trips up and down without a heart attack or mishap is worth celebrating....no?

I managed to put all of my purchases away in the closets and cupboards and when it was done I did a little jiggy happy dance right there in the middle of my new living room.  And then I went downstairs, got in the car to return to CS1 and called Miss Charlene to tell her what I had just done.

What can I say?  I feel like I climbed Mt. Everest and overcame a big big big obstacle.  SOMEBODY had to know about it!

I wish I could adequately explain how completely and totally relieved I am to know that I am going to be able to do this.  Why it never occurred to me to try it before today is beyond me, but at least now I know it can be done and I don't need to be afraid.

Sunday will be grocery stock up day so that next week I can get back to a healthier eating schedule.  I am still enjoying my peanut butter on a bagel in the morning, but there has been an awful lot of take out to compensate for long hard days of packing.  I promised myself that I would just eat whatever sounded good this week, but next week I want to get back to cooking!

Sorry for such a long-winded brag session, but this was such a big day that I wanted to share it.  Can you imagine how long this would have been if I would have actually accomplished something? 😬

Hope your week was swell and that you have a weekend full of everything you love!


  1. Congratulations on figuring it all out. I would like to make a suggestion. I order online all of my heavy grocery items - laundry detergent, cat litter, etc. The the UPS or Fedex driver brings it to my door. I use Jet.com these days and have been very satisfied with customer service and price. It solves that problem for me. Good luck with your move! I'll be moving this fall from Georgia to Virginia after living in this home for 33 years! I have been following your progress and been imagining how I will handle it all in a couple of months. I am now 63 years old. Very emotional process. I have started culling and donating. I have taken 10 book boxes to the library. That feels really good. Be safe and carry on.

  2. Coni dear you are an Olympic gold medal champion! I have 4 stairs & landing to get into my house I take all bags out of the Jeep put them on the landing. Go up 4 stairs unlock the locks open door haul it all
    in to the counter. I'm pooped doing that. No way could I do what you have done or are doing.
    Your so amazing

  3. Connie, this is going to sound weird, but here goes! I have two pet snakes. One of them bit me a while back. It wasn't anything terrible, but was enough to knock my confidence handling him, so I've been getting my husband to do it for a while. He needed to come out today while I cleaned his enclosure. Instead of whimping out, I put my big girl panties on and thought of how brave you have been with everything that's going on in your life. I decided that if you could deal with that, I could pick him up and put him in a box with a lid. So, I took a deep breath and gently picked him up. Your get up and dust yourself off attitude is inspirational.

  4. What an accomplishment. Can I suggest that the office supply stores carry a folding cart on wheels that you could pull upstairs if carrying upstairs became a challenge. Just a thought. Stairs can be a challenge. Coni I have so much respect and admiration for you. You go girl. Just remember we are all thinking about you and wishing you the best Karma.

    Nevertheless...she persisted.

  5. Brag away, Coni. You done good!

  6. So pleased that you conquered your Mt Everest! Great job! Thanks for the inspiration you give us daily.

  7. Coni - Go to the Targets web page and look up: The Climb Cart I only have six stairs from the carport into the house but bringing in 15 bags of groceries, making seven trips up and down those stairs with a bum knee has just been murder. I purchased one of these Climb Carts and have been really happy with it. I thought it might be hard on my shoulder, pulling that cart up the stairs, but it hasn't been a problem at all. Now I only make one or two trips....yay!! Congrats on your marathon hill climb today.

  8. Woohoo! Not only do the stairs no long hold any fear, they're going to help when you get back on your food plan. Stairs are one the best exercises going. It most certainly is Happy Dance time!

  9. Good for you Coni! I'm glad you have figured out the the stairs will be just fine for you. One less worry.

  10. That is a feat! I balked at bringing six bags twenty feet to the front door and then another ten into the kitchen...and THEN whined about having to put it all away! You are my hero!!!

  11. Well done Coni, we're all rooting for you! x

  12. Congratulations Coni and several stitched gold stars to you. Consider Pamelaric's advice and look for a cart. I have one due to arthritis in my knees and it's wonderful.

  13. Gold stars for our fav-o-rite Spinster! I once had the opportunity to talk to Coach K (Basketball - Duke)and he was talking about how if you could do it in your head...you could do it. Simple as that. I think you are a great example of that theory.

    Remember to relax in-between your Wonder Woman feats and you will get there. We are all pulling for you.

  14. Needles and Black CatJune 10, 2017 at 9:40 AM

    Two words: Amazon Pantry

  15. Go Coni! And I hope you enjoy library guild today.

  16. Stairs - the big bug-a-boo in the life of us all! Congratulations on having a successful excursion! You win the Olympic Gold for Stair Climbing. And I am going to go check out the Climbcart! Big hugs, Coni. Big, big hugs!

  17. Stairs are great exercise! You should give yourself a big gold star. Great job!!!

  18. Glad you're figuring these things out. We are often stronger than we think we are. Enjoy your stitching day at the library. That sounds heavenly! --Andrea

  19. Stairs would be a big no no for me but I am proud of you. You can do this. I am glad that I am catching back up on your life. I missed reading your blogs for almost 2 years. Has it really been that long? I have missed a lot of your life and you have always made me laugh. You got this girl.

  20. Three cheers and a high five to you 👋!,

  21. Most Excellent Coni! High Five :)

  22. You go girl 😉 well done you xx

  23. Yeah!! Why don't you get one of those wheeled carts little old ladies use to cart groceries home? I have one that I bought at Targets and use it to cart everything home from my Jeep as its about 150 feet from car to house.
    Ruth in Oxnard CA. <~~~~~ little old lady

  24. Way to go!! You are the bomb!! LOL

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