Jun 24, 2017


Wanna know what I did yesterday?




I had intentions of finally getting this place into tip top spinster shape, having a nice shower and a lovely dinner, and then starting something new in the Happy Chair.  

Instead, I looked up at the clock (which is propped against the bookshelf waiting to be hung) and it told me that it was midnight and I had somehow managed to waste an entire day doing nothing.


So today, after my second cup of damn good, I vow to plow ahead and be productive once and for all.  There are boxes to unpack, drawers to be organized, stash to be basketized, and laundry to be done.

I promised myself that I would be a good little worker bee here in my new place instead of the lump of inertia from the old, but...



  1. Coni, doing "nothing" is not doing nothing. It is resting, daydreaming, idling, etc. It is a totally healthy thing to do. Do what your body tells you to do. If it says, "I want to move", then move a little. Empty a few boxes, introduce yourself to a neighbor, take a walk in your new neighborhood. If your body says "I want to be pampered", take a bath, do your nails, have a pedicure. Don't tell yourself you are being lazy when you are simply listening to your body.

  2. Coni I didn't do much of anything yesterday either. But today...
    I've vacuumed, made my bed & tossed a load of laundry in.
    Now I'm pooped so I'll read the instructions on my sewing pattern & see if I've enough energy to start sewing the shorts I cut out a wk ago. Hahaha If not there's a new season of "Reign" on Netflix & 4 more seasons of "walking dead" to watch.
    Tomorrow is another day & if I get more done then good, if not meh, who cares,it won't matter in 100 yrs. I try not to stress the little things, I'm old enough to know that it's ALL little things.

  3. I managed to spend a bunch of money yesterday, just getting a "few things" while I was in town. Then I came home a did zilch. Spending money wears me OUT!!! Oh wait! I did get my one of each plate, fork knife and pan washed. (It took longer to get the hot water to the sink than it did to wash, but I hate dirty dishes sitting in the sink)
    I believe doing nothing is essential to our well being so I allow myself to do that when I feel like it, after all, I did all my 'have-tos' when I worked for a living, I'm retired so I do what I want!

  4. Throw in a load (keeping current)so fresh is always available, but the rest are heavier, postpone-able items... you can sit and kinuggle in your drawers awhile and come away feeling more organized....but no lifting and
    carting for now. You want to pace yourself... Is the sun
    shining there? Try outdoors & fresh air for an hour... In
    any event, it does not have to be all or nothing, dear one, but a body set in motion tends to stay in motion so
    put in a load. Have a satisfying day and another damn good....

  5. Aren't you supposed to be resting? Did you enjoy the ER visit so much that you want to go again next week? For goodness sakes, woman, read a book, do some stitching, snooze in the sun and let that poor body heal.

  6. Excuse me BUT - isn't taking it very easy exactly what the doctor ordered about 4 days ago? Those boxes are not going to run out the door any time soon; they really don't care if they get unpacked next week or next year. You would not be able to rest this way if you did not need it, and taking care of you is No. 1 right now. Everything else is a very distant second. Just because you're starting to feel a little better does not mean you're well. You're in the Happy Chair because that is exactly where you need to be. Yeah, I'm speaking from experience - thinking I'm well when I've just barely turned the corner and putting myself right back where I began is one of my specialties. Do not follow my terrible example!

  7. A day of nothing isn't going to hurt you. Don't be so hard on yourself!!

  8. Yesterday I got a lot of things on my list accomplished, today not so much! Hoping for a better day tomorrow. A week from today I have all my family (12) coming for a week so I really do need to get my act together!!

  9. Coni, good for you, you were listening to your body and it needed a day of rest. I'm proud of you

  10. Just chill m'dear. Your body needs it!

  11. More of what everyone else has said.....! If you tackle one box a week that is progress indeed. Looking after yourself is Number One Priority. Yes indeedy. xx

  12. Coni...You couldn't focus because you needed to rest. Mentally and physically. Even if you sat in the Happy Chair and stared at the wall, that was a productive day, because you were recharging your batteries.
    You should have seen me on Friday. Frightful. And I didn't make it to Mass today, either. Just couldn't get it together.
    We are all fragile. And that's okay. Just slowly put one foot in front of the other, knowing that we are all cheering you on.

  13. I think we are sister - separated at birth!