Jun 2, 2017


These suckers haven't looked like this in fifteen years.
(And based on the amount of dust I am now hacking up, they apparently haven't seen this side of a good cleaning either!)

I did cull quite a few to be donated.  I suspect that they will end up in the Better World Books bin over by the Martin's, but first I need to figure out how to get them into Limbo. (That would be the name of my vee-hickle, thankyouverymuch.)

These are my "go bag" and my "comfort bag".  One has my checkbooks and iPad and medical stuff and the other is full of stitching:

Here's all of the "decor" aka crap sitting around the house that serves no purpose whatsoever but makes me happy just to look at it. (So I suppose that it does have a purpose after all.):

I taped the last box shut and patted myself on the back that Book Packing Day was finally over, and as I headed to the shower...

Fiddlesticks and fudgesicles.

I just don't have it in me to do any more tonight.  I am freshly showered and in clean jammies in the Happy Chair, and methinks packing over 1,000 books is enough for one day.  Tomorrow I will grab another few boxes and finish this up and get started on the Art/Wall and Decor Packing Day extravaganza. But first I need to make a quick trip to the Targets to pick up a prescription and some hand soap and Swiffer dusters (because I used a whole darn box on all of the above!) and I'm going to try to get laundry done also.

(Are you as tired of hearing me talk about that damn laundry as I am over writing about it?)

I'm thinking a lot about my mom these last several days.  My dad worked for Westinghouse, and we moved around a lot.  In all those moves, I can honestly tell you that I never remember my mom being stressed or the house in utter chaos.  She must have had a really good system for moving, because I don't remember ever wondering if I would ever find my underpants or favorite toy.  

Chrissy and I used to joke that whenever we'd move someplace new the moving van would pull up, we would go to school, and by the time we came home the moving van was gone, the boxes were unpacked, pictures were hung on the walls, and dinner would be in the oven.

When dad retired, they moved from El Paso to Phoenix, and the day the moving van arrived was the day that she went into the hospital and was diagnosed with colon cancer.  She had emergency surgery and I flew home from school to help out.  My dad was hell bent to get that house unpacked and everything put away before she came home from the hospital, and I can tell you that he and my sister and I just about killed ourselves (and each other) in the process of doing so.  How the heck one tiny little  woman wearing Mom jeans (with panty hose underneath), sensible loafers, and red lipstick did it as many times as she did and as effortlessly as she did is completely and totally beyond me.

I wish you all could have known my mom.  She would have really loved getting to know you, and I would imagine that even with all of the advancement in needlepoint, she would have continued to work her canvases in exactly the same manner...on Penelope canvas, in hand, with long lengths of wool, and most amazingly, using the sewing method straight up a column.  She mostly worked florals that had the design pre-worked and she added the backgrounds, but we do have a few with different designs.  

Total tangent, I know, but it is so lovely to think about her and to daydream about what it would have been like to still have her here.  She must be close, though, since every time I hit a snag with this move I can hear her advice in my head and it's crystal clear.

TGIF, kids!  Hope your week was wonderful and that your weekend is even better!  Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. You are so organized! There is no way I'd be able to do this with out lots of help starting a whole month before I would be moving. I sewed 2 front pockets, front & back darts on a pair of shorts,made meatloaf dinner & am totally exhausted.
    You are my hero.

  2. You are your Mother's Daughter, little one...never doubt it... Just look at what you are accomplishing in light of
    all you have been through and are facing. Like Baa, I
    think you are woman of valor....and we all continue to pray you through...

  3. You are doing a remarkable job of sorting and packing, especially given your health situation. My late husband had cancer which caused kidney failure so I understand how you must feel. I love those bookshelves, BTW! Mine are now 35 years old and are hidden away where most people won't ever see them. Just keep swimming, Coni!

  4. Good for you on getting those shelving units packed up! I know your Mom is there watching over you. Enjoy your evening and sleep well!

  5. Glad that your packing is progressing nicely. I always feel so much better when I purge stuff. i have a family memeber that moves a lot too,don't know how he can stand it.

  6. You amaze me with your organization and determination.
    Oh! And thanks for reminding me...I have to do laundry, pronto. I am out of the essentials!

  7. Coni, congrats on a successful day of packing - well done. I always enjoy when you write about your parents because you make them so real to me. Your love for them is so well-expressed.

  8. I know exactly how your mom did what she did. My mom was the same way. I call it "Mom Magic." I'm so very impressed with your progress.

  9. Oh Coni, I love reading about your Mother. Her stories are always interesting, and I can feel the love and sense of wonder you have for her. Its dreadfully sad that she had to leave so soon, but I think a great deal of her is still with us...in you. I know she would be very proud of you today. You are dealing with so very much this last while, and you are still going forward; in fact, you're taking all of us along, and making us laugh, yet.
    I moved my family of four last fall, so I've been reminded of just how much work it all is...you're doing an amazing job!

  10. Loving your blog, Coni. I'm following you from England.

  11. Wow!! I think you are like Super Woman!! Here's a ((hug)) for you, and I will keep you in my prayers. Blessings to you, Coni.

  12. You are so impressive. Getting all this packing done. It's stressing me just thinking about it. You go girl. Hugs from Oxford xx

  13. You are doing a great job on organizing and packing. I'm tired just reading about all you've accomplished.

  14. Thinking of you as you pack. I like the idea of a go bag and a comfort bag. We all need to at least touch our stitching daily. Lum be your distractions. Isn't it amazing how our love vex ones are alwYs with us. Hugs to you.

  15. I feel like I do know your mom from all your stories, and she sounds like she was absolutely wonderful. And I am sure that Stewey, your dad and your mom are with you every step of the way on this journey you are on. xo

  16. Moms have super powers and yours sounds like a wonderful mom who made everything special for her family.

  17. Oh! So sweet of you to share your mom with us, Coni! Thank you!