Jun 8, 2017


Last evening, I dropped into the Happy Chair after a shower and some dinner, and I had a meltdown.


(I swear, the emotional workout I'm getting from all of this turmoil is matched only by that of the physical one that my poor body is getting from pushing all of this crap around.)

Up until yesterday, I felt like my plan was well-controlled and that every single thing had a place at CS2.  Yesterday, though, I think I was so surprised to come across all of that memorabilia that I went on a frenzy of cramming stuff into boxes and deciding I would worry about them later.

But I can't do that.

There is only so much square footage in the new place, and despite my very best efforts at culling, you can't...no matter how hard you try...put ten pounds of potatoes in a five pound bag.

Now, before you panic and think I've decided to abandon all of these treasures...breathe deeply and relax.  My dad is apparently on the case and all will be well.

I was tossing and turning and fretting and worrying how and where I was going to store all of this, when I heard my dear dad say "CJ.  Take a breath, honey.  Move all of your things according to your plan and put them away in your new little house.  You will have plenty of time to come back here and sit quiety and sort and organize all of these things, and by then you will know exactly what you'll have space for.  Wait until you're finished moving and have had a day or two to rest so that you can do this rested and clear headed.  Nothing good is ever decided when you're doing it during a time of fear, stress, and great emotion."

As usual, I immediately felt better.

So I'm going to move the memorabilia back into the guest room closet today and then will look forward to coming over in a few weeks and just sitting down and carefully going through it all.  I might even grab a couple pretty storage boxes from the Michael's to put the dearest keepsakes in.  I bought one for Stewey a few months ago, and I have really enjoyed putting little things in it here and there that I want to keep in remembrance of him.

So that solved the memorabilia problem.  

The walls, however, and all of the crap that I had hanging on them, are a different matter entirely:

Dad had nothing to say on this subject other than "You're on your own, kid" so I suppose I am left with the same dilemma.  I do not have a big white wall of nothingness at CS2, and I'm not sure yet if there's a place for a seasonal "gallery" in which I can swap out pieces according to the time of the year, but I think I might follow the same plan as before.

The stuff in the cardboard box is all stitching that I might like to hang now, and the big tub is more of an "archive".  There is a large storage closet out on the balcony that is finished, so I might stash this tub in it along with the Christmas decorations and drag it out every now and then to refresh a few pieces.

(This one is all Mom, since one of the running jokes in our house when I was a kid was my dad teasing my mom about putting holes in the wall, and my mom telling him to nevermind.  He felt that the way to hang a picture involved careful measurements and levels and all sorts of tools, and she just kind of closed one eye, got a general sense of where she wanted something, and pounded the nail right in.)

I don't even want to think about the poor soul that has to repair all of my nail "incidents" in this here house!

(For the record...I will be using Command picture hanging strips at CS2 to avoid this situation.)

So that's what's in my muddled head today.  I am going to finish coffee and the paper and get back to it.  Today is knick knack and Christmas decoration day, so I can't wait to see what tonight's meltdown will be about!

We're off like a herd of turtles!  Hope your day and night are meltdown free and that you'll come tell me all about it!



  1. All this melting down and reforming, and ...... many things become better and stronger with tempering (metals, chocolates). Taking it one day at a time, one task at a time, is the only way to go. I do think the fact that you must make a gazillion tiny little decisions every day about "stuff" takes it toll, and melt downs are part of your brain's way of taking a break from it all. It would be normal to be fatigued physically, mentally and emotionally. This too will pass. Prayers continue.

  2. my dad gives me advise from beyond, too - and he is ALWAYS right ... keep in mind that you maybe you CAN fit ten pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound bag - after you've peeled and diced them...

  3. Good that you have that additional storage closet on the balcony... Do they provide "storage" space in the basement
    for tenants? I think your Dad's advise is spot on.. you
    will be better disposed to decide and what to do later..
    Rest on the cushion of the strides you have made thus far.
    I marvel at your tenacity...while making us laugh in the
    meantime.... You are getting there with grace.. onward !!

  4. Coni, let me tell you what a friend of mine did and then I copied it when I did a downsize move one day. she took every photo/stitched piece/ art piece and hung every one of them - almost like wall paper! it sounds funky but it is a really fun eclectic look. so for instance, the hallway is floor (about 2 feet up from floor actually) to ceiling (a few feet down but you get the picture, no pun intended)CXS samplers (she is in to that!!) she has made and her attention was to the size and frame type and it is a true conversation piece - everyone stands and looks at all of them and studies them and loves the look. in the living room she put all of her needlepoint interspersed with actual art pieces and paid attention to design (i.e. geometric versus flowery, like your Poppers piece next to a flower piece of bright color Poppy flowers) would be great and did the whole wall above the sofa along the long wall.... it fills every square inch of wall and is truly a conversation area and makes her feel good. I then did it in my bedroom with all my "girly" feminine stitching and artwork and family photos so they surrounded me while I slept. in the kitchen we lined the backsplash with sayings (except behind the stove - too much grease residue...) and the one area we were both cautious in was the bathroom - remember moisture and steam build up so we only did framed artwork or canvas giclee prints, not stitching since the moisture could seep into the piece and affect the canvas or linen. I, too, have some passed on fur babies that I still cry over to this day (years later) when I thin of certain things and they have photos lining my dresser top along with my dead mom and other dead relatives I cherished and lost... we call it my pink palace cemetary and no one sees it but me since it is in my bedroom and therefore they cannot think I am morbid or crazy....
    hust a thought. BTW, I ahev moved 27 times in my adult life (2 divorces and 5 jobs later...) so I always go thru the angst you are going thru and it always works out, trust me. some of that stuff you really can get rid of and not miss it later even though you think it is your most precious possession - it's not! I learned that. I hope all works out for you and I assume your next hassle will be listing CS1 for sale and going thru that process... here's hoping the market out there is good for re-sale and you get a fast resolution to move on to the next chapter!

  5. Coni, one step or task at a time. Your Dad's words ring true in this.

  6. Chin up and carry on .....well done so far.
    The reason CS 11 feels so wonderful,is that it is clutter free so be very aware of what you are bringing in to your new space.
    I've been through my house twice with decluttering and the more you do the braver and stronger you get. If there are too many very precious things, just take photos, you will still have a tangible keepsake that doesn't add to the clutter.
    Pace yourself and be strong, try to set up at least one room with no clutter and feel the peace and energy, you can always continue moving on any unnecessary items once you have settled in and realise what an emotional burden it is to have too much stuff that doesn't really make you happy.

    You are doing an amazing job so far.

  7. Oh, Coni, I so identify with what you are going through, having moved 4 times in about 2 1/2 years and constant down sizing. I found it has taken me the whole time to become less sentimental about every little thing. In anticipation of moving again next year, I need to get busy going through what I still have. You are inspiring me with your amazing organization!

  8. Your dad is a wise man - I'm glad you heard him!

  9. Don't they have regular storage units available for rent in your area? The movers could move certain boxes and even special pieces of furniture you might want in your next house into storage? I had three units at one time and have managed to get rid of all of them and by cleaning out closets in my house and garage (we have the bug man monthly so we don't share our house with unwanted critters)and have managed to get rid of all three units. We had three then able to get rid of stuff and then there were two and then one and then YEAH none!. Some of the treasurers you just found you didn't even know you had. You had already let them go once don't forget. But storing that stuff and the Christmas items for now with all your health issues, the loss of your beloved Stewey and having to move out of your "forever" home is a lot. Store the items - take some time and think through now and again all the things you have come across - get yourself well and have a look at them again. Christmas you can have stored at the front of the unit so you can get to it if you feel like doing some decorating. My mother and now passed on to me - never had a bed in any of the houses they owned that wasn't full of plastic boxes under them. My parents use to have two homes most of their lives and YES every bed in every house! That's my three cents worth from HOT and I mean REALLY HOT Arizona

  10. You're dad's words are very wise! And I thought I was the only one to say off like a herd of turtles, lol.

  11. I think that is a perfect plan with your memorabilia. Sending some love and hugs to help you today xo

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