May 28, 2017


Well...the studio is now packed:

With some casualties.

Truth be told, I just ran out of gas and decided that enough was enough and decided to call it a wrap up there for now.  I guess the worst case scenerio is that I go back up in a few days and pack another few boxes to pick up the abandoned items, but I have to keep in mind the fact that the new studio is only an eleven foot wall instead of a full 300 square foot room.

I haven't played with beads in about ten years.  I think I'm going to get everything moved and then see if there's room for all of these containers.  Carrying these up the stairs at CS2 in Target bags would be pretty easy:

Likewise with scrapbooking stuff.  The only paper I play with is my day planner, and I've got all of that stuff downstairs to be packed tomorrow. that I'm looking at this, it might only be one or two more medium boxes.  I just don't know if it's worth hauling all of this over to the new place for it to sit on a shelf:

This is the one that is tugging at me hardest.  I have collected Martha Stewart Living Magazine since...well, since it started, I think.  I might be missing an issue or two here and there, but what to do with these?  I had originally thought I would put them across the bottom row of cubes to serve as a kind of anchor, but after looking at the enormous pile of stuff that is already planned for that tiny tiny area, I'm not sure if these would be worth the labor and agony of getting them moved.  This is definitely not something I can move myself...these suckers are HEAVY:

I think I'm just a little tired and cranky from the heat, so I am in the Happy Chair now with an iced tea and a fresh t-shirt.  My plan is to enjoy the afternoon/evening and then pack my "office" tomorrow.  Basically, that is going to mean emptying out the armoire and packing a box or two of supplies, so it should be pretty easy.  I will make a go bag with my checkbooks and important folders in it, but otherwise we're just talking about small desk-type stuff.  I think I am going to leave behind my desktop computer, fax machine, and copier and just use my iPad and wireless printer thingie (assuming I can figure out how to sinc the two).  The office served me well when I worked from home, but methinks that the stuff is far enough out of date that it might be time for a new laptop for Christmas.

Speaking of out of date...

When I emptied the underbed storage box yesterday to use for FUPPIES, I found photo albums and things I had saved from my younger days...including my college transcript!  Oh man...was I ever in over my head!  One of these days I will be brave and share it with you, but suffice it to say...I was not exactly the best student at Notre Dame.  As a matter or fact, I am pretty sure they gave me the diploma to just get me out of their hair.

And...speaking of hair:
Not only was I rocking the 80's super do...will you look at those shoulder pads!  And the purple eye shadow!

The fellow next to me is my friend Irv Sikorski.  I met Irv when I lived above him in an apartment complex just off campus.  He was a police officer for Notre Dame and would come home from his shift at 11pm and sing and play music.  I would listen to it as I drifted off to sleep and soon enough I met him and fell head over heels.  To him, I was just an annoying little sister-type who would come over after class to watch Top Gun and eat pizza.  To me...he was my dreamboat.

Ahhhh, youth.  There would be a few more dreamboats along the way (some that broke my pitifullittle  heart, some that were bullets that I'm glad to have dodged), but the shoulder pads?  That glamour just lives forever.

Here's hoping that your Sunday is lovely and peaceful.  I think Bosco and I are going to grab a little snoozy nap and then have cheeseburgers on the grill!


  1. Coni, the best advice I can give you as you do the big downsize (which I did six years ago)? Be ruthless! You do not want to be surrounded by boxes of stuff you can't put anywhere. If you haven't played with beads for years, don't take them! All your crafty things that you haven't used in years will make someone else happy who probably needs it more than you do at this point. There are so many shelters and hospitals and other places that need boxes of stash to provide some kind of distraction to people who desparately need it. I went from a small house to a much smaller condo, and now to the smallest condo yet. Each time I've let go of things that had been sitting untouched for so very long. I don't miss those things at all. When I find I need something I may have left behind, I have the thrill of finding just the right new thing to replace it. I have to admit, so far I haven't found anything I wish I hadn't gotten rid of. It's really quite liberating to let go.

    Keep up the good work. I know it's hard, but you'll find it's all been worth it when you get into your new home and start setting things up.

    Think of me as your much older and wiser sister.

  2. WTG, Coni. Well-done. I wouldn't pack things that you know you will pitch later. :( just makes more work for yourself. Hope you and Bosco enjoy your snoozy nap. Please take care. Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥

  3. If the thought of beading, scrapbooking etc. no longer appeals and you have not done for some time...purge. Limit
    yourself to those things that are current and have displaced the other interests. How long since you cracked
    open one of the Martha Stewart must keeps? Clear the decks
    and allow for space for new interests. Sara's right..
    liberating... By the way, Irv is a hottie (as my Daughter would say) and Coed Coni is an eyeful... Enjoy your recovery time with Bosco and the hamburgers.

  4. Go Coni! Is there a senior center near by? Perhaps you could donate the scrapbooking supplies there along with your beading stuff. Unless you are using the magazines, I wouldn't haul them to CS2.0. Again, donate them. Hope you and Bosco enjoyed the burgers!

  5. I am amazed at how much you got done! I sympathise about the magazines. I've got my Laura Ashley Catalogue for every year she did them. I don't suppose i'll ever look at them again other than to move them. What's a girl to do?

  6. Coni, seriously, get rid of the stuff you don't use, the pain will be brief but you'll be proud of yourself.

  7. I understand about the magazines. But I agree with others who commented that if you haven't looked at them lately maybe it's time they go (advice I should listen to myself). For me, it's a full set of Threads, Piecework and Antique Samplers & Needlework magazines. All are now available on DVD archives, but I prefer to curl up with a paper magazine, not a computer or tablet.

    Are there certain categories of MS magazine that you particularly liked and could keep just those? For example the Halloween or Christmas ones?

  8. I can relate to the magazine issue. I used to keep issues of art magazines. But they were big and heavy and took up a huge amount of shelf space. So I pulled out key articles and filed them in notebooks. Know what? I referred to the notebooks as often as I did the magazines, which is to say never. I finally ditched them. About broke my heart when I was tossing the stuff - but I didn't miss them when they were gone. Don't know why I was hanging onto them so tightly. Send the magazines on, along with anything else you're not using. Think of it as freeing them for somebody who wants them to find. It hurts when you're making the break, but you'll be amazed how much you won't miss having your place be a museum to past interests.

  9. A big YEP to what everyone else is saying - get rid of it - "it will set you free"! I saved Real Simple and Martha Stewart and then took them to Bookman's when we down sized. It is a large used book store Tucson and got credit in the store towards purchasing other books. Then after reading those books took them back got credit again and around and around you go. Since you like reading books and not purchasing them on your tablet to read maybe you have a Bookmans type store in your area that would take the magazines. I haven't missed any of them and I felt as if I had lost 100 lbs when I finally was able to "let it go". I can't believe all the packing you have done so far - you must be exhausted especially if it is hot in your studio. You go girl!

  10. And if you don't have a store that will buy used magazines or issue store credit, find out if your local library accepts donations. They may not need to add them to their permanent collection, but some libraries have annual or ongoing sales to raise $$ for new purchases.

  11. I'm almost ready to get rid of my Just Crosstitch magazines. I'm working toward getting rid of the Antique Sampler and Needlework Quarterly collection too. And don't you sound so Mission Impossible having a Go Bag!! I love it!

  12. Well Irv missed out I think! I feel your pain on deciding whether you still need those magazines or beads. Looks like you have made lots of progress though with the packing!

  13. I understand about having to pack and move magazines. I recently moved from Colorado to Texas and magazines were a huge PITA. I packed all my copies of SANQ and took them with me in our half ton, along with my wips, irreplacable needlework books and framed pieces. There were a huge amount of books and magazines and the moving co moved them, but unpacking them was a nightmare. If you have to carry all those mags yourself I would def rethink keeping them, but I know letting go of them is hard. I go by the rule of if I haven`t felt the need to use magazines or at least browse them in the last 2 years, I don`t really need them...