May 7, 2017



  1. Coni
    Your home is always so neat & tidy. I love the lil glimpses. Mine looks as if a tornado followed by a hurricane just blew through it. I used to be such a clean freak, then I had kids. They grew up, moved out & 1 came back (temporarily)
    I can't even blame the animals as only 1 cat now. Age & disability are my reasons​ now & maybe just a lil IDGAF thrown on top. We now return you to our previous show...
    Have a Blessed Sunday

    1. You're not alone. Age and disability have me too. My mind is willing but the body won't cooperate. Cathryn

    2. I promise you, sweet friends, that is all an illusion and that the areas just beyond the camera's focus are...hazmat areas! We won't even talk about the unmade big girl sleigh bed or the laundry on the floor of the closet waiting to be sploshed...yikes!

    3. The bed isn't unmade - you have it ready to get to sleep faster tonight! and given your day a few more minutes of stitching.

  2. Enjoy your day, Coni! Hope you find a few minutes to add a few stitches to Poppers.

  3. Love it! :) Hugs & Prayers, Cathryn

  4. The perfectionist is more fastidious than she thinks...
    piles develop with the best of us...but I have seen you
    demonstrate how to commandeer the organizing of a work
    room that would put Martha Stewart to shame... then again,
    as a noted psychiatrist once wrote, "Nobody said you had
    to eat off the floor" Slosh away on the morrow and just
    enjoy the Sabbath.....

  5. I try and keep my place clean and tidy but disability puts paid to that. If I clean I can't do anything else for a few days but if it's a mess it does annoy me. So I try. Your place looks so cosy and airy

  6. Coni,
    I enjoy your blog tremendously and one of the side benefits is reading the responses. They are great! I am always inspired by you and the blogees ( don't knowif that is a real word but if not it should be)

  7. Looks like a lovely place to spend a Sunday :)