May 31, 2017


You bring the lighter fluid.

I'll bring the match.

OK, so today was what you might call an exercise in...revelation.  (I was going to call it an exercise in frustration, but since I'm running around on my unicorn burping damn good coffee and glitter lately, the "f" word has been banished beyond the rainbow.)

The nice MasterCare men came and shampooed the living dickens out of the Happy Chair and the lower Stewey peenie zone of the bedroom recliner.  The poor look at the state of things had them running for the industrial strength cleaner and the rubber gloves.

We were getting along just fine until one of them said "Um, Ma'am?  Exactly how old IS this chair?" 

Cheeky little brat.

For the record, I purchased the Happy Chair on April 20, 1992 from the JC Penney Home Store in Mishawaka, Indiana, and my friend Michele's husband carried it and the matching ottoman up the stairs to my crappy little apartment without complaint.

(On May 1, 1992 I was entertaining a gentleman caller for a post-dinner cup of coffee, and he proceeded to drop an entire pot of it smack dab in the center of the less than two week old (previously white) ottoman.)

But that's a whole other story for a whole 'nuther day.

Cheeky was, however, very happy to climb atop the ladder to toss down the very very dusty books and decorations that I had been fretting about.  That task alone was worth the price of admission, I tell ya because it reminded where I had stashed the damn cheese book.

(My dad gave me a copy of Who Moved My Cheese because he thought it might be a good way for me to learn how to manage change.)

(I guess I should have read the damn thing.)

Or maybe not....because I decided to pack the office today instead of books, and right there waiting for me was a whole steaming heap of change.  

I won't have an actual office at CS2, so the plan was to take the black armoire thingie and put it in the new studio alcove.

But as I was unloading all of the crap out of the armoiore (like a destop computer powered by gerbils and a fax machine less sophisticated than two tin cans and a string) something kept bugging me about the dimensions of everything.

So I pulled out my handy dandy floor plan and fished the measuring tape out of the tool box and, wouldn't you know, there is no way in holy h-e-double-toothpicks that this will fit.  You would think this would have thrown me into some kind of existential crisis, but I kind of shrugged my shoulders and said " armoire.  I've been sitting at the dining room table anyway to pay bills and play with my planner...looks like I'll just keep doing that instead."

And then I went and grabbed a water, took a lovely shower, and decided to call it a day.

Some way some how I must have read that damn cheese book, because I seem to be rolling with it better than I ever have in my life.  I don't know if it's the prospect of living in an entirely new place or if I'm just finally exhausted...but every single thing I've had to tackle lately has left me feeling stronger and  more at peace rather than a blubbering mess of indecision.

Before  I go, though...let's talk books.

I will cull my collection some, but can guarantee that the bookshelves will move with me and will be full when unpacked.  Living with books is important to me and gives me such a good feeling that I simply cannot make that change at this time.  I haven't purchased a book in at least five years or so because I really enjoy our library system here and make good use of it, but these books are a part of my DNA...they are my art.

Do you remember when Jackie O died and John John said "My mother passed away today surrounded by her books and the people she loved"?  Well, that's what I want to be said about me.

(But hopefully sometime in the future, if you please.)

So that's the long-winded update for a busy Wednesday.  I don't know if I will have a chance to visit with you tomorrow or not...I have several appointments and then I really do have to think about getting the laundry done.

And these books packed!


  1. You are AHHHHHHHHmazing! Take care Coni. Sending prayers for the appointments tomorrow and the future book packing. Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥

  2. John John also mentioned "her music"....don't forget to pack a few CDs!

  3. Books are in every single room of our home. We love them almost as much as each other and the dog. I totally get what you are saying. Keep up the good work packing. It will be fun to put things together all fresh and in their new spots.

  4. I'm totally with you about the books. If ever I was rich i'd like a house with a Library, currently I have bookcases in every room and about 50 years worth of books i've read, many of them more than once!

  5. Glad to read that you read books and use libraries!

    Eija H.

  6. I agree with you about the books. While I culled a lot through my stitching stash and my books before my downsize and move - I admit, book culling wasn't as thorough with the books. They make me feel good having these around me. You go girl, I'm proud of you for rolling with things so well right now!

  7. I love having my books around me too. And I think you should add a little note to whomever that your stitching was surrounding you too :) But please don't use the note for a long long time xo

  8. We begin packing with the finest of intentions, labeling our box 'Sugar Spoons and Penwipes'. Next comes the first hint of reality when the box becomes 'Silverware and Office Supplies'. Then Reality really kicks in and the boxes are labelled 'Cr*p'. :) We so hear ya, Coni. And I understand the books thing too; in an emergency, I'd save my books before photos. ;)

  9. One year (when I was way younger) I was transferred three hours away to western Michigan. Every day I would come home from work with the best intentions in the world of packing "a little bit" each night so that I wouldn't have to throw everything in an unlabeled box. Didn't happen. What did happen is that I came home the night before the movers came and "pulled an all-nighter" throwing things into boxes. As they were putting boxes in the van, I was adding boxes to the pile. I ended up leaving all my pots and pans lids and baking dishes by mistake -- but I had my books.

  10. When you enter a room devoid of books, there is a different vibe, if any at all, than one lined with the
    literature consumed during your life.. Transport those vibes with you and let the music continue at CS2... You
    have such a gift with words...hilarious descriptions.
    Glad the top shelf got cleared for you...daunting.

  11. Too bad, Coni. It's a beautiful piece.

  12. I think I may envy the possibility of being forced to go through all my stuff and get rid of the stuff that just doesn't bring me joy. What I don't envy is all the hard, physical work required. Good luck, keep taking breaks and rest in between. Be happy. This is a good thing

  13. You are so right about books. They are so much more than paper and ink. They are love, escapism, adventure, inspiration...... as are you xx

  14. You're doing an amazing job. It's really hard to figure out what you are taking. I hear you on the books. I moved from Australia to NC three years ago. I brought my craft books and supplies with me.

  15. Every article on simplifying one's life always mentions getting rid of books. NO, that is not happening at this house. I have already given away the books I didn't want to keep. Thoreau, the king of simplification, died surrounded by his books and all the things he had collected from nature. If it was good enough for Henry it is good enough for me!

  16. If you are donating anything - be sure to keep a list and look on "It's Deductible" for a price and WRITE IT OFF on your taxes - when we moved (and we have several times) we have written off quite a bit!!