May 1, 2017


A little more progress on Oscar's Corsage....ready to move on to something different today.


  1. Beautiful! Happy May 1st Coni :)

  2. Looking good! Can't wait to see what you bring out next :)

  3. Good work Coni. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. ;) Hugs & Prayers, Cathryn

  4. WOW.... more progress...and contemplating another? Good for you, ambitious Lady.... Hope you are having a relaxed

  5. Happy May Day, Coni! Oscar's Corsage is looking good.

  6. I'm new to stitchery and have noticed the frame that you are using. My question is whether you are stitching through the layer underneath as well as through the project linen, or is it just lying there for the moment while you take the picture?

    Also, I've been reading your blog for a while now and am amazed at how you are handling this very tough time with such grace. What a lovely community to send so much love your way!

  7. Hi, Andrea! I have the linen mounted into a q-snap frame. The purple strips on the sides are pieces of felt the I use under the clamps to give them more oomph. The white bit you see underneath is actually a big pad of paper that just happened to be on the table when I took the pic.

    Hope that helps! Welcome to stitching...I hope that this thing of ours brings you much peace and love and joy!

  8. This is a message to Coni's friends. I'm not really anonymous; my name is Susan

    I have only been following Coni's blog for a couple of months, but read it from the beginning (actually like a novel). Our dear friend Coni has amused and amazed us for years. Her writing shows her heart, her life and her loves (stitching, Stewey and Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

    Now it is our turn to support her. Most of us are virtual friends who can't pop over to help Coni pack, drive her to appointments, or bring her a pie. But we can spare something to help with the medical expenses, healthy food, and tempting threads and fabrics for therapeutic stitching via a "YouCaring" fundraiser.

    You can donate the cost of an extra coffee (or vat of Diet Coke), or instead of adding to your stash of patterns, threads and fabrics. You just need a credit card or PayPal account. And you can donate from any country (I am in Canada).

    I checked with Coni before I started this and it was my idea. I am sure she would never have asked us for help. But friends help friends!

    All the funds go to her (except for the payment processing fees). Please note that although the site adds a default contribution to YouCaring, you can reverse this.

    Please give what feels good and support our Spinster Stitcher. I am just another stitcher; the only thing I am getting out of this is how good it feels to reach out to a friend.

    Feel free to visit my FB page or Pinterest Or e-mail me at fletchersj (at)

  9. Update and Correction -- it looks like you can donate via credit card only, not PayPal.

    Thank you so much to the dear friends who have already given so generously!