May 17, 2017


Miss Joyce from my Library Guild taught me a neat trick a while back and I've been using it while stitching Poppers.  Since the design is a bunch of little squares, I made a working copy of the chart and then cut the diagrams out individually, and then I have them to attach to the canvas with a maget for super easy viewing while stitching.

But what to do with the pile of little squares?

Well, as luck would have it, about a billion and a half years ago Aunt Chrissy and I were fishing around the Michaels dollar bins and we found these little cardboard boxes with our initials on them.

For a dollar!

And you'll never guess what fits in this little cardboard box with my initial on it as though the stitchy organizing gods themselves made it for that very purpose:

Man 'o manachevitz...I love it when a plan comes together!

One more row completed last night after Grocery Guild.  Every time I think I have a favorite block/color, the next one comes along and makes me twirll right around in the Happy Chair!

Futzingday has begun, dearies!  I'm off to the dining room table to do bills and paperwork, and then it's up to start sorting the studio!  I suspect there's going to be a lot more petting of threads than anything else, but that is exactly what Futzingdays are for...right?


  1. I stitched a Kathy Rees pattern called "Colorwaves" and it was also a bunch (I think 144 to be exact....LOL) of squares similar to this. I was the same way. I would choose a "favorite" and then 3 or 4 squares later I would have a new "favorite". Sometimes it was the type of thread, sometimes it was the pattern, sometimes it was the colors.......

    Always reassuring to know I'm not alone...LOL

  2. Yay, another row finished on Poppers. Go Coni!

  3. Great news about your health and gorgeous colours for the stitching...xx

  4. You can do this Coni. I am also futzing around my place getting ready to move to an apartment. Stash gets first priority over anything else.🤓

  5. That little box was just made to hold your little patterns wasn't it?! Hope you had fun up in the studio!

  6. Thank you for the great tip, Coni! I am also working on a Cathy Rees piece, I've been fighting with the charts while stitching, I never even thought of cutting out the diagrams... DUH! :)

  7. Love your enthusiasm, Coni! Is thread petting like when I go into my home library and sniff the books?

  8. Loving Poppers!
    Happy Futzingday!