May 24, 2017


Here's the new readers I got in 3.0 magnification.  Wow...what a difference they make!
I also got readers with clear glass at the top and the magnification at the bottom to stick in my purse for the grocery store.  If I have my contacts in I can't see anything up close, so I was popping my readers on and off as I needed to read labels, etc.  Now I can just stick these bifocals on and see both near and far without making myself seasick in the canned peas aisle!

(I got both pair at and was really thrilled with both the price and the service, by the way.)

Here's a little more progress on Poppers.  I'm going to grab a little snoozy nap and get back to it this evening:

Moving day is officially set for June 12 and the boxes will be delivered on Friday!  Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment at 10am, and then I'm going to pick up Bosco for the long weekend, so nothing move-related until Saturday!  

Let the adventure begin!


  1. I purchased a set of thin-optics a few weeks ago. Check them out--the case is attached to my keychain, so they are always with me.

  2. Your readers look great, Coni! Smart move on getting a pair that you are able to wear with your contacts while shopping at the grocery. Poppers is looking good. Hope your doctor's appointment goes well!

  3. Poppers is amazing!
    Gasp! Moving is getting really close. Is anyone helping you? I sure hope so. Love, Hugs & Prayers, Cathryn ♥

  4. I love Poppers. Have a wonderful day, Coni.

  5. Love your new spectacles! And I hope you get lots of relaxing and cuddles in this weekend. Poppers looks super!!

  6. Coni, you do know that there are multifocal contacts, right? Even if you have astigmatism, I believe CooperVision as a multifocal toric contact lens now. Or, you could try contact lens monovision - one eye is for distance, one eye for near. It has saved my life, I can tell you. I can see far and near without having to put glasses on and take them off all day long. Love the freedom!