Apr 1, 2017


Oh, my goodness, what fun I'm having!  If I have any more of it, we're going to seriously have to consider switching me to decaf.

You know how you get an idea in your head about how wonderful something is going to be, and then the thing happens and it turns out even better than you could have imagined?

Well...multiply that by infinity, take it to the end of time, and dip it in glitter and rainbow sprinkles and you've got the picture of just how special yesterday and last night have been.

OK, OK, I know it's not exactly normal to wax rhapsodic about a needlework workshop, but...Kurdy Biggs!  

I met the Shepherd's Bush girls and Miss Kathy Reese Her Very Self when I was a newly newbie, and I really didn't "get" how truly special it is to meet a stitchy heroe live and in person.  (I mean...you're talking to the person who envisions Laura J. Perin floating around in the sparkly thing with a magic wand in her hand like Glinda in Wizard of Oz.)

(Don't even get me started on what will ever happen if I meet Mr. Tony Minieri...I simply cannot imagine.)

But Kurdy (I call her that now because I'm one if her peeps, don't you know) is funny and warm and lovely and smart and inspiring and kind and loves dogs and is cool and brilliant and everything you would want in a teacher for your first officially sanctioned class.

In another post we'll talk about my classmates and how they continue to stun me senseless with their stitching.  Now, though, I need to go get ready for Day Two!

Happy, happy, Saturday my dears!  It's April!!


  1. Sounds just fabulous 💥💥❤️😍 So happy you are enjoying it can't wait to see what you share next....

  2. Lucky you!! And that is exactly how I would feel if I ever got to meet you xo

  3. Coni, it sounded like you had a wonderful adventure with your needlework workshop. Yay! Enjoy your Saturday!

  4. I am so happy that you are having such a good time. You deserve it.

  5. Yay! What fun!!! I am taking a class with her at EGA National in August and you are making me even more excited about it.

  6. So glad you're having such a good time. Carry on!

    Sandra from Texas

  7. It's so wonderful and such a blessing to hear you so happy. :D Hugs & Prayers, Cathryn

  8. You really do need to meet Mr. Tony Minieri, his own self, in person one day. He is sweet, smart, and funnier 'n hell. He's charming and witty and made my sides hurt from laughing. He truly IS amazing.

  9. She is all that and creates absolutely stunning needlework too! It's so great to see you excited and having great days. Keep it up!

  10. I think your spirits have truly lifted spirits today more
    than usual. Go with the flow of this joy and tell us all
    about it...Love you, Coni,dear.

  11. Happy to read that your having a great time.

  12. I wish I lived on your side of the world! I could really do with a great stitchy weekend. Enjoy, and come back and tell us all about it.

  13. I am sitting here, green with envy, that you met your idols and you get to go to a stitchy workshop. Sigh. I live in the wrong part of the world.

  14. I know exactly what you mean! For me it was Debbie Rowley and Linda Reinmiller. Together!

  15. Coni, it sounded like you had a wonderful adventure with your needlework workshop. Yay! Enjoy your Saturday!

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