Apr 18, 2017


Well, after playing with linen and silk, I decided to switch it up and play with Watercolours and canvas:

I forgot how bright and cheery the colors are in this piece!  Just what the doctor ordered as the weather starts to warm up and the flowers and trees start to bloom.

Here's a closer look...this is 18ct mono canvas mounted on stretcher bars with Watercolors and Vineyard Silk threads:
'Scuse the open areas in a few of the blocks...Kreinik goes there, but alas, I did not have the proper colors in my stash.  No problem, though.  They are on order and should be here shortly.

I get a fair number of questions about whether or not I prefer canvaswork (this tyoe of stitching) to counted cross stitch.  The truth is that I love them both and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite.  I like the variety and challenge of specialty stitches in canvaswork, but also crave the feel of a good piece of linen in my hands.  I also like painted canvas needlepoint, but prefer to work with a thread and stitch guide for those.  I know that I'm capable of selecting both threads and stitches on my own, but somehow I find it more enjoyable when the professionals do all the heavy lifting.

Hardanger, crewel, punchneedle, surface embroidery, beading....love it all, but don't do as much of it as I would like.  I suppose that I would also like to learn goldwork and Japanese embroidery too, but for now methinks my little plate (and stitchy basket) are full!

Today is  mammogram and "lady appointment" day and then Thursday will be a day spent at the hospital getting all of the heart and lung tests completed.  I've already been to the dentist, so now I think the only thing left will be an eye exam and everything should be complete for the team down at IU!  Talk about a stem to stern approach to one's healthcare!

So that's the report for the day.  Tonight is grocery guild, so I am going to catch a good nap this afternoon in preparation!  

Hope your corner of the world is exactly as you want it to be!


  1. The poppers is a great piece. Love all the colors. Best of British luck to you, Coni. All good thoughts are with you!!

  2. I was hoping you would start the new Shepherds Bush pattern, but Poppers is looking great so far. Have fun with your stitching sisters tonight!

  3. Poppers is looking good! I'm with you, when I stitch painted canvases, I prefer to have a stitch and fiber guide.

  4. Love this one, love the colors ! Take care

  5. It's looking good! Love all the bright colors.

  6. It's surprising you have enough time to stitch and blog with all your doc appointments. My favorite is counted thread work......cross stitch, etc.......so I sometimes do counted canvas projects on linen. That was when my eyes were younger. lol.

  7. Beautiful work!
    I hate the dentist 😣

  8. Yay! I was hoping you'd pull that back out when you mentioned it yesterday. Love the colors, and I imagine the different stitches are so much fun to do.

  9. Poppers is looking good, Coni! Hope your lady appointments went well!

  10. I am also torn between canvas (counted) and linen. Both so much fun.
    Question - will the transplant surgery be in Indy at the IU hospital? I know one of the kidney docs. Great guy. He took care of my mom when she had cancer. My oldest dau used to work for the Kidney guys at Riley while she was in college and for awhile after. Wish you all the best.

    1. Yes, indeed...I will be at IU under the care of Dr. Goggins. I only met him for a short time but am very happy with the prospect of him being my guy.

  11. I love your counted canvas project; I also like all the special stitches that are involved in pieces like these. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I do both needlepoint and cross stitch also. The feel of linen is what keeps me coming back to my latest cross stitch project. And the speciality stitches in needlepoint, you described them to a tee. I haven't seen a lot of needlepoint or counted canvas work on flosstube, have you? Probably just as well, I would have to buy more stuff!!