Apr 8, 2017


After a semi-decent night's sleep, I am up, showered, in my robe, and half-caffienated for the day.  For somebody who struggles so in the mornings to get going, I sure do love this time of day!

I had a happy surprise last night when I went upstairs to poke about in the studio for a new tool box to stick in my stitchy bag.  I had been wracking my brain all week, trying to figure out when I actually started stitching.  

Not only did I answer my question...I found lists and notes from 2008 to 2012 of my projects, WIPs, finishes, and baskets!  (I started stitching in 2003 by the way.)

Do you know that at one point I had 48 WIPs?

The sad fact of the matter is that I probably have even more than that now, but my feelings about them are totally different.  I used to get frazzled with goals and challenges to myself and plans and lists, but now I just...stitch.  I am, what Miss Katy calls it...a PROCESS stitcher now rather than a PROGRESS stitcher.  Doesn't matter what I'm playing with or when (or even if) it gets done.  I am stitching for the joy if it and the therapy of it and the peace of it and nothing else.

I have a feeling that all of this will go right out the window once my life settles down a bit and I get a new kidney, get back to work, have a different schedule, etc. but for now I am just loving every minute of it.

I do, however, want to get a handle on a few things upstairs.  For instance, I want to get all if my finished/unframed things in a box, and I want to get back to journaling my stitching better with date started, finished, materials, etc.  I have relied on my blog to do so for me these last many years, but I miss having that physical book that I can page through that tells me what I stitched and how I stitched it.

So those are the ponderings for the day, my dearies.  I hope that your stitching and this little neighborhood of ours brings you as much bliss as it does to Yours Truly here.  I'm off to Library Guild and then over to House of Stitches to pick up my birthday splurge.

Thank you for your lovely thoughts about Stewey.  I'm sure he misses you all too and would tell you how very grateful he is that you look out for his Mommie.


  1. It is a gorgeous day in my neighborhood as well. Enjoy library guild, Coni!

  2. Beautiful morning here in northern MN too😍....I agree about writing your thoughts & details of stitching with paper & pen I think it's the touch & feel, you lose that with digital.
    Have a fabulous day at guild💐

  3. I have always stitched for the joy of it as well. But I have started a stitching journal to keep track of starts and finishes, fabrics used etc. I am enjoying that aspect now as well. Right now I have a rotation of four WIPs and I find that if I have more than that I get frazzled. Just posted a picture of my progress on Smoky Mountain Christmas on my blog this morning. It is a BAP.( Big A** Project)

  4. I am in Kansas today and it is beautiful here. I don't keep a stitch journal because I become the compulsive stitcher from h**l when I do. So I just stitch and enjoy. Your new project is delightful. I enjoy watching your progress. It encourages me to get my fingers working! Enjoy your day and your birthday treat!!!

  5. It is gorgeous here in Reno, NV this morning too! I don't really keep a stitching journal, although my blog tracks and I keep notes about materials and stitches in Excel, sometimes. Have the very best day!

  6. From Kentucky (FINALLY) a sunny warm day. Going to enjoy every minute of it. Love you and your blog so much Coni. And miss Stewey so much (although I know not as much as you). Enjoy your day. Know that you are loved and respected near and far. Hugs & Prayers, Cathryn


  7. Good In Everything is getting better and betterer! I love to see what it's turning into: the picture on the website is too small to show much detail. Hanging on my wall right here is a sampler I did, following a graphed design that a friend of mine bought for me at a German textile museum years ago. It's about 200 years old (the design, that is; not quite me, not yet) and not thematic at all. Tree of Life with children dancing around it; peacocks and other birds; assorted dogs; other trees; a very fancypantsy alphabet; my name and the date. While I was stitching it, my three-year-old daughter enjoyed "helping", which involved me putting the needle tip through the appropriate canvas hole and allowing her to give it a hearty shove. This was charming and a good bonding experience. A year later she had died of pneumonia, but the sampler lives on and I can actually look at it pretty dispassionately nowadays. Which is good. Hang in there, kiddo. I found a John Lennon quote the other day: "Everything will be OK in the end. If it's not OK, it's not the end."
    All the best from a chilly autumn day in South Africa

    1. Deborah - your memory of the sampler and your precious little one so moved my heart, not to be forgotten. Had not heard the John Lennon quote...
      thank you for that...a keeper. Love across the miles.

  8. I too am a process stitcher - forget the stress of competition to get it done first. . .I love the process.
    I too miss Stewey. . .bless his little heart.

  9. Seeing Stewey on your latest endeavor, I can hear him saying, "Not bad, Mommie, not bad at all, in fact, quite good..." He is still with us. Enjoy your day, dear Coni, and the memory of the happy surprises of yesterday. Looking forward to your journey working on the Birthday splurge. You inspire us.....

  10. Glad you found your notes! I should start a book too as I rely on my blog for all of that info :) And I agree with Heritage Hall, I think Stewey would be so impressed with your newest project.

  11. My heart always smiles when I see Stewey's box. Thanks for putting in the photo with your gorgeous piece. They both made me happy. I miss him.

  12. I have a beautiful box just like yours for my Tucker! He sits where I can see him always. I miss him and miss your Stewey too.