Mar 27, 2017


I did stitch over the weekend, and I even managed to tidy up the studio a bit in the process.  Thanks to Sir Elton and a vat of Crystal Lite, the chore was not at all a pain in my heiney.

Now if I have the same luck with the rest of the house we'll be in business!

I played with Flowers, Awake a bit, but got very frustrated with not being able to see the holes in the fabric very well.  It was dark and gloomy while I was with this one, so I'm hoping that a bright sunny day might give me another go at it.

Yesterday an old favorite came out of the basket.  I stitched a few snowflakes and started another motif while binge watching Grace and Frankie.

(I love that show...I really do, and the reunioin of Jedd Bartlett, Debbie Fidderrer, Leona Lansing, and Charlie Skinner just about does me in.  Four of my favorite actors from two of my favorite shows.  All we need is Meryl and JDM to drop by and I can die a happy spinster.)

(And maybe small cameos by Alec Bladwin and Steve Martin and Jack Nicholson just for a few giggles.)

So now I move on to something new...another Ink Circkes.  This one will be a little bigger than the Chalkboard Mandala, and the fact that it's called Bee's Knees makes me want to stitch it in bright summery colors.

So far, I think I'm leaning toward this combination...28ct Firethorn with Wildflowers thread in Painted Desert:

The spool of thread is an idea from Miss Crafty Curator Her Very Self.  I was watching her show on the Flosstube, and she explained how 12weight cotton Sulky thread is basically the same as two strands of DMC floss and that it might be a good option since you get soooo much on a spool.  She was specifically referencing Death By Cross Stitch as a candidate since that thing eats so much thread, so I thought I might start experimenting a bit.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Speaking of Dearh By Cross Stitch, I am rabidly following Miss Emily's progress at Ecclectic Possessions.  Miss Emily is the reason for my interest in Vaceila, and now I think I might chase her down the rabbit hole again with DBCS.  But is that creepy and stalkery...even for me?  I get so inspired and motivated by watching what you all are doing that I feel like I just want to jump right in and play, but is it impolite?

(What can I say?  I was always the kid in the lunchroom that wanted to sit with you and be part of the cool kids' stuff.  Once a tubby little nerd...always a tubby little nerd!  I'm harmless, really, and if my meds kick in and the moon is just right I won't chatter like a circus monkey.)


OK.  Time to think about something for dinner.  I had an 8:00 ultrasound on my arm this morning, so my whole day has  Would it be so wrong to have my Vitamin Water and peanut butter bagel for dinner?

(The ultrasound went very well, and according to the surgeon, Buzzy has grown very nicely and will be perfectly ready for dialysis when the time comes.  I, however, am determined to avoid dialysis entirely and just go right to the transplant stage.  We'll see how the transplant doctor feels about that on Thursday!)

So that's the report for another Monday my dearies.  I hope that you are warm and safe and dry in your Happy Chairs with needles flying!


  1. What a fun post to read this afternoon, Coni! Let us know how you like stitching with the 12 weight Sulky thread. Peanut butter bagel washed down by Vitamin Water sounds good to me. Enjoy your evening!

  2. We will all be waiting to learn more about the thread. Peanut butter and bagel sounds good but I have not tried the water.....

  3. What a great idea about the 12 weight Sulky thread...
    go much to learn from one another. Hope you enjoy the Bee's Knees as much as you did the Mandala

  4. Death By Chocolate is on my list too. It's a big one so I would love to know how that thread works too. Got some in my sewing box so might just try it on a small piece of 36 ct and see what happens. Thanks for sharing. i remember wanting to play with the "cool ones too". I would learn later on in life I didn't miss much and I was much happier than most of them. Go figure.

  5. Funny I knew exactly who and what you were referring to.... Emily C., crafty curator, death by cross stitch, etc. we aren't stalkers, just fans! I put you in the same rockstar category with them.
    Enjoy your next project! We all will.

  6. Coni, I, too, stalk Miss Emily. Eclectic Possessions is my fav Floss Tuber.

  7. Glad to se you feeling chipper Coni, and your stitching is gorgeous as always

  8. If you are considering Death by Cross Stitch, DMC spools of 6 stranded cotton floss is available for about $25.00 from JoAnn's online.

  9. Coni, If Emily C. is inspiring you then you are inspiring me with Flowers Awake. Holy cow that is gorgeous. It is now on my wish list. As for the Ink Circles patterns, you certainly have an eye for colors. Those patterns never interest me until I see your color choices. You definitely have an eye for color. Have a great day!

  10. Coni, it seems as if you don't know this but you are the cool kid we all want to sit with. :) I love your start on Flowers, Awake. So beautiful! And I am really, really looking forward to seeing your Bee's Knees, I think that fabric and thread combo is perfect!

  11. Hi, Coni - Love, love, love reading your blog. You are indeed the cool kid that I want to sit with. In fact, you are my inspiration, for it is from you that I first heard of Flosstube and thanks to your mentions here and there, as well as some others recently, I've jumped on the Flosstube bandwagon and just posted my first video. Please do get take a look if you wish! There is a finished Ink Circles design in there.