Feb 7, 2017




Enough bitching, moaning, complaining, weeping, kvetching, kvelling, worrying, fretting, and hand wringing.

Even I can't stand it anymore.

So...I had surgery,  Millions and millions of people have surgery every single day and don't feel the need to share every ache, pain, or discomfort they are experiencing the moment they are experiencing it.

Yes, this was a pretty big surgery, and yes...I now understand that I need to give myself time to recover from it.  A week is probably not enough time in my case, given all of the other crap I've got going on, so here's a newsflash for my tiny little brain: it's going to take what it's going to take and I am just going to have to be patient!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming now.  

If I can, I think I'm going to try to stitch a little this afternoon.  I'm still really feeling the Winter Quakers and want to get that big motif completed before putting it away for a bit.  I'm thinking of picking up something red/pink/purple-ish...maybe a new start or an old Valentine WIP?  Who knows what might strike my fancy...or not.

That's it for now, my dears.  We're huffing and puffing and pajama shuffling...onward!

* Grocery guild = the evening meeting of South Bend EGA (we meet in the cafe of a grocery store)
* Library guild = the meeting of Hoosier Heartland ANG (we meet in a library)
* Church guild = the meeting of Elkhart EGA (we meet in a church)


  1. I do love to read your blog! I think a grocery store cafe must be a great place to meet. Enjoy your day.

  2. Coni, when I had joint replacement this year I was miserable for a few weeks with each surgery. In addition to the pain (or "discomfort" as the medical profession prefers to call it) my sleep got totally screwed up, I think because of the painkillers. It took weeks for me to get back to feeling like myself. Only now, months later, can I appreciate the results of the surgery. My life was improved by it, as I am sure yours will be, but it took a long time for me to get to that stage emotionally and mentally. I say, complain and whine and feel sorry for yourself all you like! I did and it helped me a lot.

  3. I think you are doing fine. I have a friend on dialysis and it not an easy time. Just go with the flow of whatever you can do at the moment and know that it is okay to tell us how you are doing. We need to know!

  4. Ahhh thank you Coni! Relax and allow yourself to be selfish and heal heal heal.
    Hugs to you
    Ruth in Oxnard CA.

  5. Sending hugs your way, Coni! You are allowed to feel the way you are feeling so go with the flow of it. Rest, relax, and stitch.

  6. Ahh, now I understand the Grocery Guild. Thanks. (This has always helped me: If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it.)


  7. As an operating room nurse since 1994, I give you permission to feel however you want, for as long as you want. Your body, your arm, your brain. However, if this fistula in anyways impedes with your innate and precious ability to entertain and warm my/our hearts and souls, I will personally figure out a way to get to Hoosier land and straighten things out. You are followed and loved by many!

    1. "You are followed and loved by many!" AMEN!!! (Cathryn)

  8. God bless you Coni! You've recognized my motto... Perseverance! Keep on, keepin' on! Sending you hugs & prayers. Cathryn

  9. I'm just Sandra Q Public and I don't even have a blog but I read yours and I say if you need to kvetch then kvetch, if you need to cry, cry etc. Be gentle with yourself. We are all in your corner.

    Sandra from Texas

  10. Dear one - Kvelling is not like kvetching.(to which you
    are entitled) Kvelling is swelling with pride over your
    Children's accomplishments, having and loving a Stewey....
    But kvelling will fit in your first sentence if you consider the great courage, humor & fortitude with which you have faced these past months right up to and including your surgery.... then KVELL away.. you should be
    proud of yourself.... and your kvetching is so laced with
    humor, it doesn't register as kvetching...we have much to
    learn from your approach... so lace your healing with
    patience and know we are gratefully cheering you on...

  11. You are entitled to feel rotten, you are going through a bad time. Be kind to yourself and take it easy, you will get through this and know that you are loved and respected by your friends and blog readers.

  12. Still thinking about you and sending healing thoughts and prayers

  13. Sometimes we need to vent and have a small pity party. As long as you acknowledge it and don't stay too long. 😉