Feb 27, 2017


What I wanted was a BigMac.

Heck, I would have even settled for a MacJunior.

But what I ate was grilled chicken.

Grilled chicken.

Did you hear that IU transplant team?  I had grilled chicken instead of a BigMac because I'm a grown ass woman in need of a new kidney and I am determined to do my level best to change my ways and REALLY live like a marathon running nun on an organic kale farm.

But, God help me, those BigMacs haunt me in my dreams.

I watched the Oscars last night and had the same thought I do every year..."Gee, I really love movies and should go to the theater more often" as I simultaneously realized that the last movie I saw in a theater was Julie and Julia.

(You can do the math on how long ago that's been!)

So, maybe in addition to eating more chicken I will also start going to the movies instead of watching bad TeeVee.

Here's the progress on My Heart is Filled With Flowers:

And here's the solution to my thread issues...I threaded a needle with each color and then stuck it in the bobbin.  (The ones on the lid of the box were the last ones I played with before bed last night.)
The problem is that I love these little boxes and would love to keep using them since everything is complete...scissors and all.  But this winding business might convince me otherwise!

Hope your week is off to a good start!  Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. Good on you for eating healthy! That's a great start to your week. As always, your stitching is beautiful. My week is off to a great start. I've got the last of what we need to take to the immigration lawyer on Friday. I'm happy it's done, as it is my application for permanent residency in the US. Next year will be citizenship. Makes me happy!

  2. I love this design and may have to buy the pattern. As if I need any more, LOL.

  3. Very pretty. Congrats on the healthy food.

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  5. Did not realize it was going to be a heart...just exquisite. Brava to you for your determination and aim
    at becoming a healthy and hearty marathon nun.... is that
    what she said??? Anyway, saying no to Mac shows your
    gumption and resolve... enjoy the chicken ~

  6. I love this piece and enjoying seeing your progress. I wish I could have had a suggestion for your multiple colors, but I don't know either. I just kind of futz along making a mess. Drooling hear just thinking of a Big Mac. Sometimes it's just really hard. Don't I know it. Kudos to you Coni. Bravo!!! Hugs & Prayers, Cathryn

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  8. Let me try again. Coni would a gizmo called a Portable Embroidery Floss Bobbin Winder make that "winding business" more fun? Perhaps some of your readers have had experience using one and can let us know if its a thumbs up gizmo or thumbs down.

  9. I store my thread on bobbins, but when I'm doing a project I cut the lengths I need I then store them on cardboard that I hole punched, labeled with colour and symbol.If any is left over I save the card, 'cause you never know I may need that colour again,so far I've been proved right. Good luck with the healthier eating, it can be hard but it is so worth it.

  10. I like your solution with the threaded needles tucked into the floss bobbins. Just be careful and don't stick yourself! You have made good progress on your heart. Go Coni on choosing the grilled chicken!

  11. Being a home body I spent the weekend in another state with brother, sister-in-law, my 2 daughters and my 91 year old mother. We made recipes that Mom always made when we got together like beef stroganoff and a family recipe for chocolate cake with chocolate fudge
    Today is back to routine which includes a few hours of stitching every day. And a daily check-in to see what you are stitching and to follow your medical progress.
    Today I'm missing the foods of Mardi Gras. I only lived in NOLA for a short time but it made a big impression.

  12. Good for you for choosing the grilled chicken and if it makes you feel any better I am now craving a BigMac. :) I will suffer along with you. haha!

  13. I'm from the area or I was and went to IU for my care. What did you or are you having a transplant of. My lungs are in bad shape and I'm worried that transplant may be in my futuure

  14. Applause for your grilled chicken instead of Big Mac!

    Those are great boxes! I have a couple and use them when doing projects with a goodly number of DMC shades. For overdyeds, however, I end up with a big ziploc style bag full of little flossaways - and it looks like a clear pillow.

  15. You are fighting a tough battle, I am cheering you on.