Jan 26, 2017


I'm wide awake at night and sleeping all day and I can't seem to get out of my own way lately.  Today was supposed to be laundry and housecleaning, but so far all I've managed to do is stare at the Christmas tree in some strange hope that it will spontaneously undecorate itself and jump into its storage bin.


A peanut butter bagel, a hot bath, some serious coffee slurping, and a little stitching...and all will be good as new, I'm sure.

Besides...it's like we used to tell Dad when he got frustrated over his low energy...it's not like I have to go fly a plane full of puppies through a hailstorm.  Humanity will do just fine without me supervising it for a day.

Hope your week has been considerably more productive than mine!



  1. Oh no try doing 3 summer salts (tumble end over end) my sister did that with her kids to get them sleeping thru the night or do what I do take a couple valerian blessings baa

  2. Not running on all cylinders is to be expected and has
    nothing to do with your "getting in the way"... Take one
    or two ornaments off a branch, take a sip of your potent
    brew, remove another ornament or two, bite into the bagel
    concoction and ease down into a warm bath, another two
    ornaments then pick up the needle for more progress...
    Tomorrow is another day for recreation like laundry and
    housecleaning when you may be more up to it... just saying.

  3. Oh Coni, it will all work out in the end. Be good to yourself!

  4. Sorry to hear your days and nights are mixed up. Set your alarm when you take your afternoon snooze that's what I do so I don't mess up my nights. DH takes melatonin for his insomnia.

  5. Do what my father did,he put a huge garbage bag over the tree and put it in a spare bedroom closet.He did take off a couple decorations so that he could say he decorated a tree for the next Christmas. Worked for him.

  6. I agree with Wenda, I know a smart lady who throws a blanket over her tree and puts it in a closet until next year. We had a good laugh this year though as she was opening her cards and opened one from last year that she hadn't taken off the tree. The giveaway was that there were school pictures of her great grandkids from the year before.