Oct 20, 2016


Stewey is still hanging in there.  His bad leg is swollen and has a rather mean-looking sore on it, but he does not seem at all bothered by it and is still my happy little guy...playing pumpkin and doing his thing:
(The mark on his front leg isn't a boo boo...it's peanut butter that he stores there after his morning meds to snack on later.)

Vaceila is ready for her wings, and after that, her gajillion beads:
If I can manage to stay awake today I'll get to it.  Otherwise, looks like she will have to wait until after nap time to start flying!

As for me...about the only thing I can say is that it's a good thing I'm not a horse!  One more thing goes haywire, and I might be put out to pasture so to speak.  Eye yai yai...when this is all over,  I am going to emerge as a twenty-three year old petite blonde triathelete with a medical degree.  

(Too bad I can't make a living being a professional patient...I'm actually getting pretty good at it!)

I received word that Bosco is doing very well, and is absolutely loving being with my sister, so that news makes me very happy indeed that I made that hard decision.  I sure miss the stinky little guy, but knowing that he is happy and healthy makes his absence much easier.

So that's the report for a drizzly Thursday.  If all goes well, I hope to do a little stitching at the library this weekend for the Sit and Stitch.  I've never attended, so it should be really fun!  

We're off like a herd of turtles!  Come tell us what's new with you!


  1. Vaceila is looking fabulous, Coni. Glad to hear that Bosco is doing well, Stewey is enjoying pumpkin playing and you are herding along. Thinking of you!

  2. Vaceila is beautiful.Stewey's choice of peanut butter gets a thumbs up here.

  3. I love how Stewey saves some peanut butter for later :) And I am so glad to hear he is still himself.

    Vaceila is amazing!

  4. Vanceila is beautiful....Stewey is a heart-melter love his antic of stowing his snack within arm's reach)...glad
    to hear the good news about Bosco and your Sister... and
    think you are just marvelous just the way you are...enjoy
    the sit and stitch....

  5. Oh sweet Stewey. I love this angel of yours and hope she will soon have her wings. Good new for Bosco. I spent the day finishing a Dresden Sunflower pillow, and 3 ornaments. Too tired to post on my blog tonight, tomorrow is another day.

  6. I bet you have no idea how you brighten our days. Me for one. Your stitching is amazing. Thank you.

  7. Thinking of you and Stewey! I am so glad for you that he is hanging in there and doing well. They are so much a part of our family that it is hard to go through these things! And Valencia is beautiful! Love the changes you made to her hair and face.

  8. Glad to know that you and Stewey (and Bosco) are all ok. Me? Well, I've already had a pulmonary function test and blood work this morning and plan on doing some stitching on LHN ABC samplers. I just finished FGH and am on to the next one. Have a wonderful stitchy time. Hugs and prayers for y'all. Cathryn

  9. Glad that you'all are holding your own. Admiration for Vacelia.

  10. Love her being a brunette; just perfect. Happy stitching and napping...............