Oct 27, 2016


When I decide to break out of a rut I do so.  

With gusto.

Yesterday, I told you about the menu that Yours Truly has been enjoying (i.e., stuck on) for the last little bit.  Today, though, I am happy to report that my food selections were a little more....varied.

I woke up late for a doctor's appointment, so instead of my bagel and peanut butter, I grabbed a Honeycrisp apple the size of my head and munched it on the way.


When I got home, I couldn't resist firing up the old toaster, so bagel with crunchy peanut butter it was.

(I know, I know....but this was a considerably better option than hitting the McDonald's drive through for sausage biscuits and a Hi C).

(I love High C.  I order it with my sausage biscuits because it has vitamins in it and I figure that the benefits of them completely balances the salt, fat, cholesteral, etc. of the sausage biscuits.)

Then I got lost on the Pinterest this afternoon and decided to channel my inner Ina and spend some time in the kitchen.  So I putzed and futzed and chopped and diced and stirred and seasoned and sat down in the Happy Chair with an enormous bowl of shrimp and mushroom fettucine.

Holey schmoley...it was, quite possibly, the best meal I have ever made.

It's easy peasey...sautee mushrooms, onion, garlic, and all of the spices in butter until nicely browned.  Deglaze with a little white wine.  Add parmesean cheese, cream, and the shrimp to heat through, and then dump the cooked pasta in and mix it all up.

Now, you'd think that would have been enough decadence for one day, but this is me we're talking about.

Moments ago, I made snickerdoodles and then decided to break out the tub of cream cheese frosting and make snickerdoodle/cream cheese frosting sandwiches.

Stewey watched all of the proceedings with both amusement and horror.  He had a sensible dinner of Purina Little Bites, some turkey bacon, and an impertinent little merlot.

They REALLY should make pills for this.

Tomorrow is going to be stitching and nothing but stitching...so help me!


  1. Your meal sounded fabulous -- shrimp and mushroom pasta with a side of cream cheese frosting between snickerdoodles. Enjoy your stitching tomorrow!

  2. I love the menu and spontaneity. Also love how you have all the right ingredients, which never happens at my house! Enjoy your stitching and any leftovers you have.

  3. I like peanut butter and slices of apples on my bagels. Have you tried that?

  4. Oh wow! Sounds so good! Hugs and prayers. Cathryn

  5. Oh wow! Sounds so good! Hugs and prayers. Cathryn