Sep 5, 2016


Oh, what a lovely time I had on Saturday!  I wish I could bottle the feeling of spending the day with these women...I always come away feeling like I have finally made it to the proverbial cool kids' table, and if I'd just learn to keep my mouth shut I might be invited back again.

Vaceila has had a nice weekend thus far, and if plans come to fruition today we will spend most of it together in the Happy Chair.  I completed all of the cross stitching on the lowest section and moved the q-snaps to tackle the next.  I managed to get the edges of her cloak outlined during the game last night (Notre Dame lost to Texas 50-47):
I never did make it to the grocery for special cookout provisions, but I am pretty happy in my jammies at the moment, so methinks it might just be leftovers today.  I'd complain about that, but considering the alternative of having nothing to eat at all, I'll just be thankful and move right along.

Happy Monday/Labor Day!  Hope your needles are flying!


  1. I do believe I have this piece in my stash somewhere. I just remember seeing and falling in love with it, a long time ago. I may have to do a search today to find it. Your work is lovely. Happy kisses and hugs to the puppy babes. Have a wonderful Labor Day!

  2. You are moving along quickly on this piece....there is no cook-out here at Horton House....Wish I had some left overs for today!

  3. Dear Connie,

    As a Longhorn fan, I don't know how you could stitch and watch:) I did a lot of whooping and hollering, no disrespect to ND intended.
    It was a great win for us after last year's trouncing.

    You are progressing beautifully on Vaceila.

  4. Super progress on Vaceila! Leftovers are a good thing; they allow you to have more stitching time. Enjoy your day, Coni!

  5. Great progress - and leftovers are always a good thing....more time to do stuff you really want to do :0)

  6. Beautiful work! Love to you and Stewey!

  7. Beautiful work! Love to you and Stewey!

  8. Beautiful! You are really flying along :)

  9. First I'm so glad Stewey is feeling better and you're enjoying some quality time together. He's just so adorable.
    You've succumbed to the L&L universe!! I've been stitching (okay mostly collecting) her stuff for 30 years and was so very very sad when she passed away. So now I stitch (collect) her daughters stuff Nora Corbitt from Mirabilia Designs. Anyway, your doing a fantastic job and enticing me to pick up my needle and stitch a bit.

  10. Terrific piece! Food and shelter become a poor 2nd and 3rd place in the priority line when it comes to stitchin'...
    Happy Stitchin'...
    Stitchopedia…An encyclopedia of needlepoint stitches…

  11. How you can stitch and view a game at the same time is a
    testimony to your addi.....determination. There are so many dishes that taste better the second time around and
    just think of the number of stitches you can get in....
    Your piece is coming along beautifully... Hugs and smooches to the beloved pooches....By the way, you most
    definitely belong at the cool table....