Sep 11, 2016


 Yesterday was my day to go play with my Hoosier Heartland stitchy sisters at the library, so off I went for fun and laughter.  I awoke feeling pretty punk, but a few hours giggling with these ladies made the rest of the day much better!

Our project for the day (taught by Miss Charlene Her Very Self) was Autumn Crackers by Marilyn Owen. These are cute little counted canvas rolls that, when finished, will look adorable in a pretty bowl.

(Or, if you are finish-phobic like me, you'll stitch them and then contemplate slapping them in a Michael's ready-made frame to be done with it.)

There is a lot of decision making to be made in terms of vertical vs. horizontal, colors, stitches tor borders, etc., but once you get settled it goes very fast and is very fun!

Here's where I ended up after spending most of the day stitching after I got home:

Today I am off for more adventure.  We are going to see Wicked, and I am so excited I can barely stand it!  Stewey is pouting that I will not be able to tuck him in my pocket for the performance, but I promised to bring him the playbill to add to his collection.

Speaking of my little love, he had a check in with the vet on Friday, and it looks like he is doing as well as can be expected.  He has lost two pounds, but I think we're managing to keep him pain free so far. He was absolutely wonderful with all of the techs that cared for him (he used to be rather fussy and had earned a bit of a reputation for being "high strung"), but yesterday he was so sweet that I started calling him Stewey Charming.  He is snuggled in for a morning snoozy, so methink it will be a yood Sunday after all.

That's the report for the day, kids.  I am going to enjoy my outing and then come home to do a little more stitching before getting ready for the week.  Here's hoping that your weekend has been fun and peaceful and that your needles are flying!


  1. Lovely stitching - so happy to hear the report about Stewey Charming! Enjoy "Wicked" -

  2. Happy to hear that Stewey is charming them at the vet's office now. Know you'll have a blast at Wicked.

  3. The Autumn Crackers look lovely - great designs. I'm so glad that Stewey's doing well. He's such a sweetheart.

  4. Love the colors in your autumn piece, Coni! Glad you went and enjoyed yourself yesterday; have a wonderful Wicked outing today. Happy to hear that Stewey Charming is doing well.

  5. Good to know Stewey is the new project.

  6. Put them into a bowl? 'Spain please? Good news about Stewy is without pain.

    1. At this link you will see a basket of the finished pieces:

  7. Great report about Stewey, you two are in my thoughts a lot. I had a little episode my old girl this week and my heart is breaking to know she is getting older and there is nothing I can do about it.

    I love your little pumpkin! Can't wait to see the rest of them stitched up too.

  8. I am loving all of your stitching and I'm so glad there was no bad news at the vets. Have a good time out and tell Stewey that Bud say hey!

  9. Wow, Coni, "Autumn Crackers" is gorgeous...I just love the floss colors and your are amazing!
    I'm glad that you were able to get out and hang with your friends...that always makes everything better.
    Give Master Stewey a big hug from Teagan and Leo, and a big high five for being such a good patient!

  10. The crackers look like fun! I'm glad Stewey is having a good day. Think of you all often.

  11. The crackers look like fun! I'm glad Stewey is having a good day. Think of you all often.

  12. Enjoy Wicked! So happy that Stewey is doing well and being a good little pup for the vet techs.