Aug 22, 2016


I am laying bricks.

As in, paving my way to You Know Where with my good intentions.

I sat at the dining room table with my planner and my pens and my stickers and my Crystal Lite and I wrote list upon list of all of the stuff I was going to accomplish yesterday.

Wanna know what got done?

I painted my nails and I took a nap.

Yup.  Nails and nap.  Not exactly a banner day in the productivity department.

I did stitch a few minutes last night during the Closing Ceremonies, but for some reason I just couldn't get myself into the groove and I just don't have enough progress to show at the moment.  I did, however, decide to stick with the piece until finished, since I'm pretty sure a few days of dedicated stitchy time should do the trick quite nicely.

The good news is that I see my kidney doc tomorrow and I can confirm whether or not this catatonia is part and parcel of the progression or if it's just all in my head.  If it's the former, then I promise to suck it up and stop complaining about it and just get on with things.  If it's the latter...ditto.

Stewey had a rough night last night.  His pain meds seem to be wearing off earlier and earlier.  I have a call in to his vet to see what we can do for him, but I can tell you that I am definitely not ready to lose him just yet.  Aside from an occasional whimper, he is still eating and drinking and playing and snoozing in the sun and just being his happy little self.  But those whimpers make me want to just rip my arm off to take the pain away from him, if only for a moment.

Bosco seems to be mending from his tummy issues, but I suspect that they are definitely Crohn's related.  He and I had a long talk this morning over Cheerios and cartoons, and I explained to him that worry and fretting are not good for him and that, for now, he should leave all of that to me.  He replied with an "OK, Aunt CJ" and then hopped down to go find a frog to put in his pocket.

The differences in these two boys never ceases to tickle me.  Stewey is....Stewey.  Quiet.  Contemplative.  Fussy.  He is the puppy equivalent of Little Man Tate, I think.  Very smart, but a little awkward socially.  Bosco, on the other hand, is a bisterous little tank of an imp, splashing through mud puddles and looking for his next adventure.  

So we're going to continue to muddle our way through today, and if the laundry happens to get done or some major stitching progress is made, we will celebrate accordingly and move on to the next item on that darn list.

Before I leave you, the entire cast and crew at Chez Spinster wants to send our most heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY greetings to Miss Jane.  She has had so many troubles of late, so here's hoping that this next new year of being 29 (teehee) will be filled with nothing but peace, love, happiness, prosperity, and stitchyness!



  1. Hi Coni, sorry to hear that Stewey is in pain. I do know that radiation can help alleviate that pain. It wasn't an option for my Gabe, since it requires sedation and greyhounds are extremely sensitive to being put under. I'm not sure if it's an option for a little guy like Stewey, but it's worth looking into. Best of luck!

  2. Covering Chez Spinster in prayer...Stewey is such a
    refined Champion...hope relief can be found for him.
    It is amazing what you accomplish under the circumstances,
    Coni... Hope your visit to the doc tomorrow proves
    satisfactory. Blessed birthday, Miss Jane.

  3. Hugs from me to all of day at a time. Some days it is good to do nothing.

  4. Good luck tomorrow, Coni, I hope you all have a better day. Hugs from Normandy!

  5. Happy Birthday Ms Jane. Hugs to the boys and you, Coni, and good luck with that doctor appointment.

  6. Thinking of you and sending all good wishes from southern IN. Liz

  7. Hope your visit with your kidney doctor goes well today, Coni! Thinking of you and the boys!

  8. I hope your doctor visit went/goes well and that Stewey's doctor is able to help him. Hugs to all of you!

  9. I hope the doctor's appointment was enlightening and that you're feeling better. I also hope the boys had a good day too. You're in my thoughts, I've been where you are now with an ailing boy and I know it is heartbreaking.

  10. Nails and a nap sounds as productive as I am on my days off sometimes. For me it is book reading and a nap. LOL I hope all went well with your appointment. Sorry Stewey and Bosco are not well. I hope you and the doc can help Stewey with his pain. Before my cat passed away I ordered him some pet cannabis. Unfortunately, I was only able to give him two doses before he passed so I can't say if it helped or not. I know it is still a controversial subject, but it is something to think about and talk to the vet about. Continued prayers for all of you.