Aug 6, 2016


I'm a total sap, I know...but there is just something about the Olympics that gets me completely mushy inside.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I get it.  There's corruption and scandal and controversy and all kinds of negative crap you can argue about the Olympics, but THIS portly spinster just wants to sit in the Happy Chair with tears in her eyes, a needle in her hand, and the feeling that we really can figure it out every now and then and come together and celebrate all that is good and decent and excellent with our crazy human race.

So....Bravo, Rio!

We watched the Opening Ceremonies last night and wholly approve of the non-flight attendantness of the U.S. outfits.  Stewey thought that the shoes were particularly fetching, and has several pair on order...size extra extra extra little.  He did, however, feel that the addition of a smart hat would have completed the ensemble quite nicely, or perhaps a lovely little crossbody bag in which the athletes could have stowed their handkerchiefs, cellular contraptions, and whatnot.

(But did anybody else feel like the look was a little bit "Venetian Italian gondolier"?   Just a little bit...maybe without the blazer?)

Bosco liked the Samba dancers and wanted to know if we could go bye bye in the car to see all of the cool peoples playing together in the stadium.

The official 2016 Spinster Stitcher Olympic Project is DebBee's Designs "Good Stuff" done in reds, whites, and blues.  It's a big one this time, kids...a full 18 inches by 20 inches, and  methinks it will take every minute of the Games to get this one completed.

All of my stitchy sisters are heading to Donaldson for the weekend.  I am sad to miss them, but know that leaving Stewey for three days would have been more than my pitiful little heart can take.  So we will settle in with our cool bevvie and the TeeVee on and we'll stitch and think of them all very fondly and will look forward to next year.

Hope your Olympics are off to a fabulous start and that your weekend is lovely and full of fun.


  1. Wow, what a fabulous project you have selected for your Olympic stitching this go round, Coni! I am looking forward to seeing your progress on it. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I totally agree with you about the Olympics, and I laughed out loud about the Venetian gondolier look! I liked it though. My favorite part of the opening ceremony was the fabulous bright colors of the big tricycles ridden by
    Brazilian hosts leading out each country. I kept pausing the tv so I could really check them out.

  3. Nice project for your Olympic viewing.

  4. Oooooh great project you have ready to go!! Looking forward to watching your progress!

  5. I am also an Olympic sap. Have you by any chance seen the movie Eddie The Eagle? It is a wonderful Olympic story.

  6. The Olympics are on here too and have prompted my stitchy bug to come back from its holidays
    Look forward to seeing your progress on a lovely project.

  7. Great project. Hope you enjoy being energetic over the next couple of weeks.

  8. Can you share where your stitching friends go? Always looking for a retreat spot for stitcher friends from Ohio, missouri, and Michigan. Thanks

  9. Gondolier in preppy footwear. I do wish those boat shoes weren't $350.