Aug 2, 2016


It hit me this morning that it is August.  Soon, the kids will be back in school, the leaves will start changing, and football Saturdays will begin again.

How did this happen so fast?  Wasn't it January just yesterday?

I like August...I really do.  All of the shopping for school supplies and thinking about new underpants and shoes.  I can do without the heat, though, and we are in the midst of an Indiana scorcher.

Progress on the Bargello Challenge has ground to a halt.  Could it be that I am sad to see it end and am dragging my feet?  All I know is that I had better get moving, since the Opening Ceremonies are only days away and I am determined to be stitching red, white, and blue while I watch them.

I'm heading to the grocery for provisions this morning.  We are out of Virginia ham, and that is the preferred delivery method for Stewey's twice daily meds.  He is such a good boy...gobbles those little pills right up as long as they are properly encased in a little piece of ham.  

Many of you have written to ask how he's doing.  He is still very "Stewey" like, and aside from his bad leg, not changed at all.  He still likes his snoozes in the sun, plays with his spaceship, and cuddles up next to me for stitching in the evenings.  I do notice that he seems to get tired a little more easily and has quite an appetite, but other than that seems to be feeling pretty good, considering.

I hope that you needles are flying and that wherever you are is exactly where you want to be today!  Do something fun and come tell us all about it!


  1. Girlfriends coming over today for stitching (and laughing, talking and eating). These are always good days, but I don't think our needles will be flying as much as our mouths.

  2. Glad to hear Stewey is very "Stewey", I have kitted up a few smalls one color only to do while watching the Olympics. I usually do needlework up in the library ( book room to grand children). One color smalls will be easier to manage downstairs. Go USA!

  3. Glad to hear that Stewey is continuing well. I don't do thematic stitching, but I do reserve the right to cheer on several countries as I was born in England, live in Canada, and have lived in Sweden and Holland. That way one of my teams should do well!

  4. So glad that Stewey is enjoying his snoozes and gets his Virginia Ham treats twice a day. I did something fun this weekend, my beautiful and talented niece was married this weekend and the celebrations were just wonderful - elegant, understated and refined, just as she is. I am now paying the price, the body is in rebellion, but hopefully by the end of today the pain will have diminished and I will be moving around again and enjoying our respite from the vicious summer heat and humidity we have endured. No needlework, I must get my needles flying in the sewing room on another wedding outfit for our dear friends' wedding in early September. A Russian tradition says the ladies may not wear black (any black), as it is a sign of bad luck. An outfit without a hint of black??? A few months ago I ordered silk chiffon and silk jersey without a hint of black, and it is time to get busy. I finished the outfit my nieces wedding (all silk, at least it breathes in the summer heat)Friday evening before we left for the weekend festivities. Keeping fingers crossed that the fun can start in a few hours.
    You have a wonderful rest of the day and enjoy the flying needles. Prayers and hugs continue.

  5. Keep right on Stewey-ing, Stewey! <3

  6. Just returned from doing errands to find your new post! Looks like it is going to storm here so I think I will ply my needle and stitch. The Bargello piece is looking good. Glad to hear Stewey continues to Stewey on!

  7. Glad to hear Stewey is not too uncomfortable and is still enjoying his routine. I am stitching a Halloween ornament that is coming along slowly, for some odd reason. Your Bargello WIP looks great!

  8. Our Pug Zoe loved her meds rolled up in a slice of ham...being she was overweight I used low sodium ham! Glad he is still himself....your bargello is looking so pretty.

  9. Happy to hear Stewey is doing well. I think of you two often.

  10. I am so glad to hear Stewey is feeling well! And your bargello piece is stunning!

  11. Glad to hear that your little guy is still doing well. I have a pill dispenser for my cat, he is on a restricted diet, so no treats. It is like a syringe without a needle. You put the pill in, push down on the plunger and down it goes. I do find spit out pills in the chair on occasion. ;) I continue to keep you both in my daily prayers.

  12. I'm glad to hear that Stewey is feeling better, Coni...I had been out of blog land at the time that you shared Stewey's diagnosis...I have been there, exactly where you are and faced the exact same fears and tears with our dog Leo and his diagnosis...this was just last year. I would be so happy to extend any answers that I can or share with you any of my experiences...I have been through it all. He is still here with us...but the story goes on. Please feel free to contact blog is, my email is, and I would even be happy to call you to talk.
    This can be such a scary time...I know!