May 10, 2016


In keeping with the May Spring Cleaning theme, I decided to pull this WIP from the pile to see if I could make a small dent in its progress:
This is "Bird in a Nest" by Zecca, with a stitch guide by Ruth Schmuff.  I think it was one of Ruth's Mystery Classes at Beadecked and Beadazzled from a few years ago.  

I completed the nest and the bird but got hung up by the compensation of the background stitch.  I figured I would give this new "Just let it fly and do whatever blows your skirt up" attitude a try and tackle this again.  Should be interesting....

No stitching last night...spent time with my stitchy sisters at Guild instead.   We're embarking on a Bargello Challenge and I think I might have a preliminary idea of what I want to do sketched out.  More details soon as I figure them out!


  1. You go girl!!!! The bird is really a cute piece. I
    admire your ability to make lemonade out of lemons.

  2. Coni, what happens to all your pieces after you've finished them? Your productivity is astounding, and I've always wanted to know what you do with all the fee-nees?

  3. Wow, Coni! I really like this one -- the bird, the nest, the flowers, the colors.


  4. This one looks like a fun spring/summer stitch.

  5. Love the colors, and birds and flowers are a favorite of mine! Have fun with this one!

  6. Glad to see this one come out. I'm curious to see what fun stitches you use on all the flowers. Have fun!