May 27, 2016


No stitchy update to report today, kids because there was no stitching last night.

Don't cry for me, least not yet.  I have an appointment at 10:00 at the kidney doc and an appointment at 11:00 with the Happy Chair.  The first will last about ten minutes...the second is going to last three days.

Miss Charlene and Miss Jane are babysitting me tomorrow.  The poor dears are positively stuck with me now that I've hijacked their merry band of funsters.  I expect that they will eventually grow tired of me, and instead of House of Stitches trips we'll go on a snipe hunt or two, but for now I am all prancypants over the prospect of some time with my stitchy sisters.

(Who could blame them, by the way? I am really much better in small, small doses.)

The sun is shining....well, kind of, and the boys are in their respective snoozy spots plotting revenge.  Our family meeting about how things were going to go around here from now on didn't work out very well, so methinks we'll have a mutiny on our hands by sundown.

Stay tuned...Spinster v. two little Jack Russell terrorists should prove to be quite interesting!


  1. If they do plot revenge...remind them there are puppies who spend their days chained outside. And that means in the heat with no a/c, no smoking jackets, no fancy dinners, and no tv. And no big girl sleigh bed. They need to treat their mo-ther like a queen! You do provide them a nice little place to live.

    Have a wonderful time with your stitchy peeps and stay safe this long weekend!

  2. Sounds like a good plan to moi... The three days of stitching should produce another wonder - enjoy..
    Trusting the two pampered ones cooperate and hoping
    the Dr.'s report is encouraging...

  3. You are probably back from k. dr. Hope things went well!!!
    Chronic illnesses are the pits. Three days stitching has a nice ring. Wishes that you and the two "Miss" es have a great time. Vats of ice tea!!

  4. Hope the appointment with the kidney doctor went okay! Enjoy your time in the Happy Chair along with the time with your stitching friends.

  5. You deserve 3 days in the stitchy chair :) Hope the revenge the boys decide on isn't too bad.