May 15, 2016


The first three leaves are complete:

I added the second step randomly to the background in both silk and sparkly (but the sparkly is a little hard to see in this pic):

Today is turning out to be a lazy Sunday.  Stewey and I slept in a little longer than usual and now we're looking forward to an afternoon of stitching and TeeVee watching.  

What's on your menu for the day?


  1. I really do like the colors on this one!!!
    My menu for today: picking up some books a my branch library, then on to the grocery store for something for dinner. back to mi casa ------ and probably a little nap.
    I hope you and Stewey enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Lunch with a friend, finish up the laundry, and stitching. Enjoy your day, Coni!

  3. The background of this design is very pretty.Great colours in the flowers and feathers.

  4. Coni, I know you complained about that background stitch, but it's lovely. Can't wait to see this one finished. Stitch on!

  5. I hope you realize just how gorgeous this piece is. Did you ever think of having little raffles for pieces you don't intend to keep or frame. Just in case you think I'm hinting - I am.

  6. This is so nice. My earlier time of the day was spent finishing and then blocking my shawl, and now just relaxing.