Apr 8, 2016


Thank you for your kind response to my crazypants idea about having a retreat in October.  I really didn't figure anybody would be at all interested, so now I will sit down and start to pull together details...and a plan.

Tentatively...I'm thinking that we'll open the weekend with a cocktail (or mocktail) reception on Friday night, stitch all day Saturday with trips to House of Stitches and Notre Dame for those that are interested, and then close the weekend with a brunch on Sunday.

Details to follow...I promise.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list for information, please send me your deets:  spinsterstitcher@aol.com

Here's hoping that your weekend is lovely and fun and peaceful and stitchy!  I'm off to the library tomorrow to see my peeps!  Simply.  Cannot.  Wait.


  1. I await with bated breath. Yipee!! To get to know all of you'all. What a thrill.

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  3. Sounds wonderful!! I know you all will have a grand time :)

  4. I just checked flights from my airport to South Bend with an October date and it costs 1329.00. I about spit coffee everywhere!! holy moly that isn't going to happen in my world. Well I sit and wait for your updates of the weekend.