Apr 29, 2016


"Seriously, Mo-ther.  When is this little roommate experiment going to end?"

Stewey is having adjustment issues, as I suspect we all are.  It's not that having Aunt Chrissy and Bosco live here is a problem, really.  It's just that SOMEBODY feels like every time he wants to be the cheese, there's somebody else in the background stealing his spotlight.

I give you Exhibit A:

 As for me, I have thrown myself headlong into my stitching.  

That would bring us to Exhibit B:

(Pardon the spaghettis...I just noticed them and am too lazy to take them out at the moment.)

Today will be filled with to do lists and grocery shoppings and column polishings and other fun items.  It's cool and cloudy here in Hoosierville, so I'm hoping for a nice long snoozy session with the library book and Sir Futzalot a little later.

Here's hoping that your little corner of the world is a little less...fraught.  Do something fabulously wonderful and come tell us all about it!

Woo Hoo!


  1. The piece looks better and better. Really great!!!!
    Although change is inevitable it is not always easy. When I first took Mr.MaX to be boarded in North Texas the other two dogs (Mason and Bella) were not happy campers. But with time Mason and Max have formed the "old boys club" and Bella has appointed herself as mother to Max. So they all are getting along. I would imagine that with enough pats, treats, and cups of tea Stewey will adjust. What would we do without dogs (cats, birds, etc) in out lives.

  2. Lovely stitching! It was a balmy 95 here in central Florida. Sending some warm sunshine your way.

  3. That is wonderful progress! And the Exhibit A picture says it all! Too cute!