Apr 21, 2016


Stewey regrets he's unable to blog today.  Moments ago, he came into the dining room to berate me for not having his little valise packed and ready to go to the Motherland to wish Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth of the House of Windsor a happy birthday.

(I swear, the damn dog thought he was going to have tea and scones with her, followed by a rousing game of cribbage or pickleball, and then cake and champagne in the afternoon.)

Wait a minute...that sounds familiar somehow.

Oh, for pity's sakes...that progression of events is EXACTLY what is printed on today's itinerary!

Each morning, when I stumble out of the big girl sleigh bed and head to the powder room to splash cold water on my face, I'm handed a comprehensive list of what Little Lord Fauntleroy wants to do for the day. 

(I should clarify...my list has things like "Do the laundry.  Go grocery shopping.  Clean the house. Water the fern."  HIS list has "Sleep in the sun.  Pee on the ottoman.  Eat cookiies.  Snort derisively at pesky little cousin.")

The lists are bad enough, but does he really need to employ a Social Secretary to deliver them with a frown and a little silver tray?  Mrs. Baldridge is positively silent when she's dispatching her duties, but I always feel like an enormous oaf around her.  I made the mistake of addressing her as Leticia one morning and she glared back with a "Mrs. BALDridge, thank you very much!"  and I've been terrified ever since.

(Remind me, someday, to introduce you to the entire LLF staff.  They're quite a bunch, I tell ya.  From Yoshi the Gardener to Mr. Butterfield the Head of Security....Holey Schmoley, I don't know where to begin!)

I finished my little EGA name tag, but think I might re-do it.  Rather than get off my big fat heiney and go upstairs to pull a nice varieagated thread, I tried to combine several of the floss colors from the border moteefs.  The result is...mud.  I also want to re-do the finishing of the name tage, since my folding and whip stitching skills are positively absymal.

Well, that's the report for today.  I hope that your little corner of the world is lovely and wonderul and that YOUR staff is making life perfectly swell for you.  Do something fabulous and tell us all about it!

"Mo-ther, have you seen my morning jacket and top hat?  Gerald has gone to fetch my walking stick and I don't want to be late for the plane!"


  1. I like your name tag finish, Coni. Thank you for the giggle about Stewey's list.

  2. What would our lives be with out stitching (and I will begin to stitch again, some day) and our wonderful, marvelous, super itelligent dogs. Max, Mason, and Bella make life bearable on days when things are not tip-top (as they say in jolly old England). I do like the way the border shades from one color to another.....lovelyl. I am certain that you will have the perfect fix before I finish writing this. Up the Irish!

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  4. You might want to try twisting two or three different color strands tightly together to make a thin cord that you can stitch on this fabric. I would make several cords to see which color combination you like best. I've done this in the past and it makes really interesting combinations.

  5. I don't think the name looks like mud at all. I think it looks great.

  6. Excellent work on your name tag!

  7. Don't know what I am missing, but the name tag is just lovely...
    I suppose Mr. Nibs is accompanying the Prez
    and first lady on AF1 who will be lunching with the Queen and then dining this evening with Prince William and his lovely.... some upper crust canines really know how to spin destiny.... You tell 'em
    Stewey, I stutter....