Mar 9, 2016


So I sorted my Spring/Summer menu yesterday and decided on smoothies, sandwiches, and salads, with an occasional salmon on the grill.

OK, enough of that.

I've been making myself a smoothie every morning lately...a splash of OJ, some pineapple, a banana, Greek yogurt, and a couple of frozen berries to make it cold.  It's pretty much what I was having for breakfast anyway, but now I put it in a blender and drink it.  For some odd reason, it seems healthier that way.


I go through wierd ruts with my eating habits.  There are weeks on end during which I eat nothing but Egg Beaters and ramen noodles, and then it's all Taco Bell all the time.  For the most part, I think I'm pretty good, and I know that having a whacky appetite is all part of the Crohn's/kidney thing, but sheesh...why can't I just be normal?

With the warmer weather, though, I am determined to make some good stuff and stock the fridge a bit, so I am Pinteresting my little heart out.  So far I've found a lot of great recipes guessed it...smoothies, sandwiches, and salads!

I worked on the border and mid-section of Long Spring Panel last night.  I'm going to have to move the canvas on the stretcher bars today, and I'm still working out how to secure the stitched part of the canvas.  The piece is 22 inches long and 11 inches wide, but I didn't have that combination in either skinny or fat stretcher bars.  So I'm using 17's and have rolled the excess at the top.  When I move the canvas down, the area that I need to tack will be right in the middle of some stitching, so I'm fretting a bit as to how I'm going to do that.  I'm thinking that I will lay a strip of felt over the stitching to protect it....

Stewey is still snoozing away in the big girl sleigh bed.  I think he has a little cold, since his nose looks a little runny and he seems a little more sleepy than usual.  The fact that it's going to rain all day probably isn't helping matters...who would want to be up and about when there's a fresh batch of library books on the nightstand and all the tea and toast you could want on your little bed tray?

Damn dog.

I think that's about it for a Futzingday report.  After a few chores and telephone calls, I think I might join Little Mr. Fussypants for some cozytime reading!

Hope your day is exactly as you wish it to be!


  1. Good for you for taking care of yourself and eating what works for you. Normal or not or whatever, you and your blog are interesting and wonderful, as is your needlework.

  2. And PS, any tips for salmon on the grill? Oil the fish, oil the grill, my salmon still falls apart or sticks!

  3. "Hope your day is exactly as you wish it to be!"
    I hope the exact same for you and Stewey. TFS your life with us. :) Cathryn

  4. Hi CJ. About the stitching - I've used shorter stretcher bars. Use tissue paper and carefully push the tacks between the threads. You'll be able to better see / feel the thread through the tissue instead of felt. Good Luck! And thank you for bringing your special brand of humor into my life when it seems like all I want to do is cry! You and Stewey both ROCK!

  5. I eat much the same way.
    I hope you enjoyed your afternoon with your new books.
    You made good progress on your spring panel. It is so pretty!

  6. Two options. 1. combine two shorter stretcher bars to create a longer side. Wrap "joint" in masking tape or duct tape for stability and for easy removal later. 2. Stay with what you have and move items once or twice. i.e. move the piece so that the stitching is just on the edge of the stretcher bar and will not be "tacked" thru then move a second time looking for area where there are "blanks" to line on the edge of the stretcher bar. When doing this option be very careful how much you stretch the stitched area.
    Goo luck with either option. Enjoy your stitching.

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  8. Well, I'm lazy and would just get a pair of longer side bars.

  9. Lovely progress being made, Coni! I,too have been enjoying smoothies and have found that adding a teaspoonful (more or less) of chia seeds (yes the very ones used to make those annoying ch,ch,ch,chia pets) adds just the right amount of fiber to said smoothie. As long as you are allowed seeds in the current nutritional set up this might be a good add to the diet. They are found in the "Natures Marketplace" aisle of my market. Beware however that those little devils do stick to the sides of the smoothie blender. They thicken up the smoothie nicely.

  10. I have been on a Doritos and cottage cheese kick. I know it sounds gross but it really is good together. I am not a fancy eater as indicated by the above,

  11. Nice progress on your spring stitching. I've been on a smoothie kick lately too. I tried an orange creamsicle one today. It was just OK

  12. I'm hooked on peanut butter sandwiches....I have one for lunch every day....and sometimes that's my dinner, also...