Mar 11, 2016


I'm doing it again.

Tomorrow is Guild Day, so I am prancing around the house like a little kid on Christmas Eve.  I get so excited to see my lady friends/stitchy sisters and see what they've been up to that I just can't stand it.

I'm sure it doesn't help matters that we meet at the library south of town...a place that has become my second happiest place on Earth.  (The first, of course, is my Happy Chair).

Do you suppose that this is a sign that I need to get out more, or is it really just a testament to the fabulousness that is this thing of ours and how nice it can be to sit with like-minded souls for a few hours and forget about the troubles of the day or week or month or year.

What the heck would I do without all of you?

The sun is shining brightly today, so that means Stewey is sacked out in his little bed in front of the patio wondow.  I'm heading to the laundry room to see if I can tidy up a few things before nap time.

I hope that your weekend is equally as prancie and that you can spend some time with people you love and do something wonderful!  Please come back and tell me all a out it!


  1. Gathering together with fellow stitchers is always a fabulous way to some time. It is inspiring, motivating and just plain fun. Enjoy your outing and your weekend.

  2. Have a Phabulous time Coni you deserve it!
    Ruth from Oxnard CA.

  3. Coni - I relayed your post about the finale
    of Downton to another Abbey aficionado and
    she loved it.... kindred spirits, all. Have a splendid weekend sharing stitches...

  4. After a week of cooking, cleaning, stitching, and catering the the demands/expectations of Mr. Stewey you deserve a day of fun and frivolity with your stitchy friends. Please have a great day with them. Stewey will be okay with an extra t-r-e-a-t when you return home to him and the most perfect place, aka the stitchy chair.

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  6. I get excited for guild nights too! I hope you are having/had fun today!

  7. I hope you had a great time with your stitching friends. I think it is great that there are others to share with.