Mar 1, 2016


When I hauled myself up to the studio yesterday in search of the next stitchy project, I knew I wanted counted canvas and I knew I wanted Spring.  I confess to a fair amount of trepidation, since nothing frustrates me more than having an idea in my head but no supplies to make that idea into a reality. 

What can I say?  Sometimes I just want to follow the thread list as the designer intended and not fret over having to find good substitutions.

So....what a find was to be found!  Laura J. Periin's "Long Spring Panel" was right there in my pile of charts, and then...miraculously...I had a piece of canvas long enough and THEN...oh my gosh can you believe it!?...I HAD ALL OF THE THREADS !

Holey Schmoley, I really should buy lottery tickets.

(I'm doing my version in the warm pink colorway.  Even with my craptastic photography, you can see that the chart photo is cool pink.)

Small progress, I know, but I was enraptured with all things Downton and Fashion Police last night.  I always like to watch the special "Manners" episodes of Downton so that I can keep up with Little Lord Fauntleroy and all of his crazy demands, and who doesn't love a good analysis of the Oscar gowns?

(I could, however, have done without the gutter-ness of some of the commentary though.  I like a dirty joke as much as the next guy, but some of the stuff flying out of the mouths of women (and men) these days is just...gross.  In the words of the Dowager: " Vulgarity is no substitution for wit, dear.")

OK, end of soapbox.

Today is laundry and job search day.  I'm not sure which is worse....having to fold all of Stewey's tiny little unmentionables, or trying to convince somebody that I really can not be me for a few hours every day and that I promise to wear proper footwear.

(The clothing, however, might be more pajama-esque, but stick me in a cubicle and tell everybody I'm your nutty cousin and everything will be just fine. )

If you're in our neck of the woods, I hope you stay warm and safe and dry in this crazypants weather we're having.  Do something fabulous and then tell us all about it!


  1. Coni, I know you like to stitch geometrics. I think you like Downton Abbey. Have you seen these? They are only available through March 6.

  2. Have you thought of working from home designing Patterns for artists?

  3. That is a lovely piece and aren't you the lucky one to have all the threads. Happy March 1th.

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  5. Good ;luck with the job hunt...I love the new project

  6. Wishing you good luck in your job hunt.

  7. I hope the job hunt goes well. And your new start is gorgeous!! Looking forward to see how the rest of it goes :)

  8. It's always great when you have everything you need to start a new project. Best of luck on the job search.