Mar 31, 2016


Before I knew what hit me, Stewey and I had spent the better part of the evening happily stitching away on Tidbits.  I was worried at first that my color selection wouldn't do this justice, but a happy accident has resulted in a pretty good mix:

Today is a rather gloomy day, so methinks we will hunker down with some laundry, a few good library books, and a movie or two.  

What's new in your corner of the world?


  1. Very pretty, Coni! I've been working on the first canvas of 'Twas the night before Christmas club from Wellesley Needlepoint. I'm doing my own stitches and threads - lots of fun!

  2. Brilliant colours, Coni - well done! Blossoms and a very few leaves, and the odd shaft of sunlight through grey-and-white clouds. I like it a lot.

    My corner of the world is heading towards autumn but it's still hot. I'm trying to stitch up a storm for a friend, who asked me to np a photo of her and her rowing partner winning their age-group in the national championships - no pressure! And I'm happy with it, but time is fleeting.

    Apart from that, the family is in health-related tatters, one BIL recovering from concussion, drainage tubes through the skull etc; and one SIL surprisingly diagnosed with inoperable cancer and receiving hospice care in her home. So the sound of the telephone is pretty alarming. Luckily there are always threads and canvas!

    1. So sorry to read your health-related problems. Aren't we fortunate to have threads, needles and cloth to calm our nerves and get us through. I did a lot while waiting for my husband's successful liver transplant.

  3. Beautiful color choices Coni! You are so creative to stray from the designer's colors and make it work.

  4. Coni, you are on a creative stitching roll. Tidbits is looking fabulous. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Coni, again I am so impressed by how prolific you are! You have inspired me to finish two birth samplers I started a couple of years ago. I may actually have them done before the sisters go off to college! Your latest pieces are beautiful, as always.

  6. You are very good with color it.

  7. Love the colors. I find when I step out of my comfort zone I can surprise myself. Fun.

  8. It looks so good! My corner of the world is very windy this evening. And I have a boy who's first tooth is ready to fall out so we are on tooth watch :) Hopefully tomorrow will be the day since the new tooth is already starting to poke up behind it!