Jan 24, 2016


My Mo-ther can't come to the blog right now.  She's soaking in a hot tub and reading her library book. I decided to write today's post because I have been so in need of the comfort (and attention) of you, my very dear and faithful friends.

The last several weeks were a bit...fraught around here.  Mo-ther has suffered some terrible blows to her pitiful little heart and also endured a bout of tummy trouble that landed her in hot water with the medical powers that be.  I tried very hard to get the old lady off the ceiling in terms of her stress level, but alas, I was unable to do so without the help of Miss Charlene, a couple of great aunts, and an entire bag of peanut M&M's that I cleverly disguised as sedatives.

I think a seven day binge watch of Downtown Abbey also helped tremendously, since we have returned to our afternoon tradition of tea and a sensible cookie, so at last, all is right with the world once again.

My little cousin was here for quite a while, and although I did my level best to ignore him, we had a rather nasty spat as he was saying his goodbyes, and I ended up with a rather gruesome gash on my left ear.  Mo-ther was horrified, but I feel that it finally lends me an air of street cred that had heretofore been missing.  If nothing else, it gives me an interesting story to tell at the club, and my fellow card players might now see me in a more respectful light.  After all...how many of THEM can say they were involved in a bar fight?

Progress continues very nicely on Aunt Laura J. Perin's "Valentine Wreath".  I am particulary happy that Mo-ther has been diligently following the chart and notes on this one rather than going off to do her own thing...which, as you all know, invariably ends in disaster.  But...so far, so good:

Miss Charlene and Miss Jane deserve a gold star for taking Mo-ther out of the house yesterday.  I sent a text to Miss Charlene earlier in the week asking her to babysit, and she happily did so for me.  I just needed a few hours of alone time here in the house to decompress from all of the holiday and other nonsense, and besides, getting away from Mo-ther's fretting and hand wringing was critical to my mental state.

Any time Mo-ther spends time with her Stitchy Sisters she comes home completely renewed, and yesterday was no exception.  It was also quite a success in terms of the Spinster Stitcher Basket O' Wintertime Fun, since she added a few cool pieces.

First up is a companion to the lovely Carolyn Manning Designs tree that she completed a few weeks ago.  This one is called "Sparkle" and also has a few crocheted snowflakes to attach.  Mo-ther is going to stitch this on the same linen that she used for the previous piece and will probably also use the same thread colors so that she can hang them as a set:

Looking to February, Mo-ther decided that she would do this piece once the Valentine Wreath is finished.  It is also by Carolyn Manning Designs and Miss Joy at House of Stitches found a gorgeous piece of Sprite cashel linen for it.  The chart calls for Plum Blossom Jobelan, but that particular hue didn't quite blow Mo-ther's skirt up.  So, Miss Joy to the rescue!  Threads have not been selected for this one yet, but Mo-ther is toying with the idea of varieagted silks from her stash.  Either way, it will mean a lovely afternoon of thread petting and selecting.

The needles were  purchased because after almost ten years of stitching and knowing better, Mo-ther discovered that she was down to the last single needle  in sizes 22 and 24.  How this happened, I will never know, but the situation has now been remedied and the needle drawers are adequately full once more

That's the report for today, dear friends.  I am going to return to my cozy spot in front of the fireplace and catch a snoozy until it's time for Downton.  I do hope you are having a spectacular weekend and that you know I remain your loyal and devoted servant.

With love from your pal,


  1. Stewey, you also have a delightful way with words .. you must get that from Mo-ther. She's lucky to have you .. or should I say you are blessed to have each other. That heart wreath is coming along quite famously.

  2. Nice Stash Connie! Stewey you are a very good fellow.

  3. So glad that you have given an update.

  4. Thank you for the update, Stewey. I hope your ear heals soon.

  5. Well Stewey, they say that house guests are like fish, after three days they start stinking and time to go.

  6. Oh poor Stewey! I hope your ear is healing up quickly! Great stash! And the wreath is coming along beautifully!

  7. Thank you, Stewey, for the detailed update. Glad to hear you & Mo-ther are back to the normal routine. Tell her I LOVE the Sparkle tree chart. Might have to add this to my stash!

  8. It is so good to hear from you, Stewy. You have been missed. Fun with Guild members is good for everyone. I hope your ear heals quickly.

    1. Stewey, I have missed your reports from Hoosierville. Glad to hear updates from your home to us. I'm so sorry to hear that you and Bosco had a disagreement. I'm glad to hear you are taking it so well and hope it's healing nicely. Take care of yourself and our dear Coni (I so love seeing her stitchy updates - thanks for sharing them). Hugs, Cathryn

  9. Thank you for the update, Stewey. I wonder when you'll take up stitching with Mo-ther.