Jan 15, 2016


I know we're still celebrating January and I promised not to rush the seasons this year, but next up is Laura J. Perin's "Valentine Wreath".  This is a project that we're stitching in the Hoosier Heartland chapter of ANG and I wanted to get a good start on it before the next meeting.

It's a gloomy gloomy day here in Hoosierville, so after a hot bath and a few loads of laundry, methinks that the Happy Chair is going to get a good workout!

Do something fabulous today and tell us all about it!

Woo Hoo!


  1. It is never too early to stitch on hearts! Have a great weekend, Coni!

  2. My fabulous thing today is that I'm casting on my very first pair of knitted socks. These needles don't have eyes, but they're needles none the less. lol

  3. That valentine wreath is a charmer...Doesn't a hot soak
    change one's perspective? Getting
    the laundry behind you is another plus.

    My something fabulous is getting the
    mid-month bills settled and out...

    My happy chair awaits...
    Have a good one


  4. I don't think you are rushing the holidays at all. That wreath is so sweet. I can't wait to see it come along. Enjoy your Happy Chair time.

  5. I have that chart! I haven't kitted it up yet, or I would be stitching it along with you.

  6. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this lovely piece. :) Cathryn

  7. I love the wreath and look forward to watching your progress. I also love how you use your basket to organize your supplies. I have a basket like that and just might "steal" your idea.

  8. that is going to be beautiful...looking forward to seeing your updates...

  9. So pretty! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!