Jan 4, 2016


Ahhhhh, snow.  Finally.  

I'm in the Happy Chair with two little heads peeking out of the cozy blanket:

And the snow is softly falling down:

I placed a call to my doc this morning, but haven't heard back yet.  I think I'm going to live, though, since I made it through the night without having to call the authorities, so that's a good thing.  

No stitchy update to report, I'm afraid.  I was completely enraptured with all things Downton and just couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen.  Tonight I will probably have withdrawl, since I just binge-watched five seasons of it, and the next episode isn't until next Sunday.

Heavy, heavy sigh.


That was the blog post at 9:30 this morning.  At 9:31, all hell broke loose and I got to get dressed, pull my boots on, drive through a blizzad, and spend the day at the doctor's office.  Damn, drat, and phooey!  The good news is that I now know I should quit my day job and head for a career in medicine, since my diagnosis of diverticulitis was right on the money.  The bad news is that I'm going to add to my pill chest quite considerably with some new meds, and this spot of bother is in the exact place that I've been keeping wam and safe and dry for my new kidney.

Oh well, guess we'll just have to put it on the right side instead.

(Provided, of course, that I need to get a new kidney and don't spontaneously sprout a new one because it sounds like something fun to do on a Tuesday afternoon.)

Well, I suppose there's no reason to dwell...I'd rather just feel happy that I'm getting bad stuff out of the way so early in the year.  It can only get better from here....right?

P.S.  No more snow.  The sun is shining and it feels like it's about 40 degrees.

Somebody likes the view:

Not to be outdone in the cuteness department:

So that's it, my dear friends.  I wobble, but I don't fall down.

Well, unless you count that time in the driveway, but other than that...

Oh, wait a minute.  I seem to recall falling down getting out of bed recently.  

Hmmmm.  Maybe I should re-think that slogan and come up with something a little more accurate.  

How about : I wobble and fall down, but as God is my witness (you simply must say this while channeling your inner Scarlet O'Hara and shaking your fist at the sky) I arise yet again, armed with the knowledge that what I lack in ability, I make up for with sheer unbridled enthusiasm!



  1. Oh dear Coni, I'm so glad that you went to the Dr. and will be on the mend...hugs
    Stay warm and cozy

  2. I send you speedy well wishes. Your photos are just lovely.I somewhat wish we would get snow, we have had a crazy warm winter so far. I love your spunk and determination! Keep at it!

  3. On the road to....well you know what I mean, you will soon be feeling okay. How is Master Stewey dealing with all this????

  4. Please be well soon! Your snow looks lovely...aside from and inch last week, all we've got here in Connecticut now has been the cold...promise of 5 degrees tonight. I guess this means it's finally winter - and a good thing too!

  5. Sorry you had to go out and probably be poked and prodded! Hope the new meds help! We had a few flurries in my world today; what a tease that was. Stay warm!

  6. Oh my dear! I hope Master Stewey is taking good care of you. Stay cosy, the snow looks lovely. We are awash with rain here in Downtonland.

  7. Diverticulitis is no fun at all! Hope you feel better.

  8. Master Stewy should bring you hot tea and shortbread cookies and cuddles. Hope you are well on your way to feeling better so you can stitch. BTW......who is the other dog? Stewy's lady friend?

    1. Nope...that's Stewey's cousin, Bosco. He's staying with us for a bit.

  9. Sorry to hear about health issues Coni, hope things start to look up soon! Glad at least they sent you back home to recuperate, stay warm and cozy and hopefully Stewey and some stitching helps a bit.

  10. I'm sorry you have give up your cozy spot with the snuggle bunnies. Hope your new meds work and you feel better soon.

  11. I hope you are on the mend! Those pups sure are cute!

  12. As Katharine Hepburn once said at a graduation I attended, "You go out and you get knocked down, but you get yourself back up. You don't get knocked up." (Double entendre intended.)

  13. I am glad to hear you are on your way to a career in medicine! Hope you are feeling much better today.